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Nov 4, 2007 09:59 AM

December 2007 Cookbook of the Month: Your Suggestions Needed

Hello, CotMers! The clear consensus is that people want a cookbook for December that’s full of holiday treats for serving, giving, and sending. Certainly general baking books would be appropriate, but let’s also consider books that specialize only in cookies or those that emphasize other types of gifts from the kitchen such as preserves, chutneys, oils, and vinegars. I’d like your help in narrowing down the field to just two or three such titles for us to vote on. What are your go-to books for the holiday season? What book would you like to see as December Cookbook of the Month?

In order to make it easier for participants to scan others’ suggestions and for me to tabulate the results, I’d appreciate it if you would make your recommendations in the following format:

TITLE (in all caps), Author: Description of the book or reason you are recommending it (optional)

If you want to second or third a title that someone else has already mentioned, please repeat the title, typing it in capital letters. Just saying “I agree with Stewpot” may well get lost and your choice might not get counted. And the more often a particular title is mentioned, the greater the chance it will be among the finalists.

I’ll post the two or three most recommended books on November 12 and we’ll begin the voting for December Cookbook of the Month on November 13. I’m looking forward to seeing your suggestions. And, as always, thanks for participating.

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  1. JoanN -- before we get started on the voting, what was the baking book we did last December, so as not to duplicate?

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      Last December was Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

    2. I am so not a baker and am looking forward to suggestions from the more experienced CHs, but just to get the list started - these are books that I already own, have made recipes that were winners (though just a couple), and just looked through and seem appealing and received good reviews - links below. (BTW, other books I have seem too specific; for example, Flo Braker's Simple Art of Perfect Baking, and Carole Walter's Great Cakes).


      Better Home and Gardens OLD-FASHIONED HOME BAKING

      1. PURE DESSERT Alice Medrich. While there is a chapter on chocolate it by no means all about chocolate. It is a new book just out on the last month or so.

        1. ROOM FOR DESSERT. David Lebovitz.

          Has a nice range of desserts--cakes, custards & souffles, fruit desserts, ice creams, cookies & candies, liqueurs & preserves. Some of my favorites that I've tried: fresh ginger cake, coffee caramel custard, concord grape pie. Nice seasonal recipes, many using fruit. His recipes generally work.

          Perhaps we can use his website recipes to supplement:

          1. ROOM FOR DESSERT. David Lebovitz.
            (really CarbLover, I was going to post that anyway!)
            Here's an old thread on the ginger cake
            His website is very generous with recipes, and there's plenty of other press citations to fill in for people that don't have the book.
            As noted, there's great variety and very sublime and adult flavors
            AND you can learn how to candy citrus zest