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baking seafood using cedar "planks" ?

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Please tell us of your experiences using these to bake fish.

Are they re-usable?

Worth the effort?

Your comments please, and thank you!

edit: interested in oven use particularly

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  1. Not sure about using planks in the oven. However, absolutely THE perfect way to do salmon on the grill. Not reusable -- it's a one-shot kinda deal as the planks scorch and smolder. I just lay slices of lemon and fresh herbs under the salmon filet .. some more of the same on top and set it onto the grill with the lid shut. The cedar plank smokes over the heat, imparting a wonderful taste! Hard to go wrong with this method of preparing salmon. Haven't tried anything else on the planks.

    1. I use the planks in the oven (preheat 15 minutes before placing fish on top). I also scrub and re-use them until they look a little too nasty. Works great, and you don't have to soak them first.

      1. I have heavy cedar planks from NapaStyle. I soak them for 24 hours and use them in the oven for broiling fish.Have reused them many times.

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            yes, I'd been to that thead; I should have linked to it in my query.

            Was asking for additional oven-use experiences. Although I remember 'planking' from a decades-old Sunset magazine article (outside over a wood fire on the beach), many people are just getting started with this technique. So more info is definitely a 'good thing'.

          2. Some planks are reusable, some are not. We have reused the ones from Costco a couple of times before discarding. Have never tried in the oven, always on the bbq. For a different twist, try halibut instead of salmon .

            1. I just planked black cod fillets on an alder plank (more like an alder shingle). It was part of a 3-pack from Sur La Table. (Yes, I know, too expensive for what you get, but I was curious). I heated the plank in the oven (on a baking sheet) at 400 degrees for 15-20 min. I could definitely smell the alder in the air. I baked the fillets on the plank for 10-15 min. The texture and flavor were delicious, but neither my husband nor I could detect any effect from the wood at all.

              I'll keep experimenting, but I'm a bit dubious. Still, I've had planked fish in a restaurant that definitely had a woody scent to it, so something must work, somehow.

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                Had my first black cod a few weeks ago. Incredibly delicious! Thanks for reminding me to look for it.

              2. i had an irish recipe for thanksgiving that called for oak plank baked salmon with garlic and dill butter. we literally got good oak boards at home depot cleaned and soaked them for an hour or so and then baked. they were fabulous. really easy too. and while not cheap, not bad compared to some of the made for cooking ones. and we could have reused them if it hadn't been the day after the st. pat's day party until we really tried to clean them!