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Nov 4, 2007 09:13 AM

Fergus Henderson: should I go there during visit to London?

My wife and I are visiting London in December for a wedding. We have pre-booked dinner at Amaya and a second evening at Maze by Gordon Ramsey. In addition, we're going to visit Borough Market and stop in at White Bros. for oysters and white Burgundy.

Question: should we make a special effort to go to Fergus Henderson's place in Islington? The New York Times has given him incredibly positive press for his quirky non-continental approach to cooking. Sounds very inventive -- is it delicious, fun and worth a special visit?

Thanks for your advice?

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  1. I have a number of very good meals at "St John Bar and Restaurant" in Smithfield (he has another restaurant "St John Bread and Wine" in Spitalfields but I don't think Islington). It is quite a spartan/relaxed/rustic room. I tended to enjoy my lunches there better than dinner - maybe because it lacks "luxury trappings" of a great dinner venue. It is nearly in the "city of london" so you get the business vibe if you eat mid-week - nothing bad simply makes it buzz.. The cooking is "honest" rather than extravagant michelin starred fare.

    Looking at your other choices I think it would fit in well offering a another perspective on English cooking and allowing you to have a well balanced view of good London restaurants.

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      Thanks, PhilD. I'm taking your advice and going to the Smithfield branch for lunch. I appreciate your recommendation-- makes sense to me.