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Nov 4, 2007 08:23 AM

a sleeper in midtown

on Friday went to cafe st. bart's. at Park and 50th. You know-its the church with the outdoor cafe. Except we sat indoors and it was sort of like, well, eating in a church. In fact, the decor was so spare and unimpressive that my host asked me if i wanted to go somewhere else. my hope was that the food would have to be good to make up for the relative lack of ambiance.

it was the best meal i've had in quite a while, and i've eaten at union sq cafe 3 times in the last 8 weeks, among other fine restaurants.

I started with some kind of pate. which i think was called fois du mare.

then i had sliced lamb with a creamy sauce that i think had mint in it. unfortunately i didn't have desert, but the place was truly a find!

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  1. Thanks for the report. Could you also share your recent experiences at USC? USC gets many negative posts on this Board. I'm curious if one of my old favorites has stood the test of time since it opened in 1985.

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      haven't read the negative posts. i still think of it as an extremely pleasant place, but now that i think about it i cant remember anything i ate that i loved except a banana tart for dessert. i remember once being a bit disappointed with a fish dish. i think it was halibut--just not much flavor. i ate much better at blue water grill.

    2. I am surprised that you had such a good meal at St. Bart's. I have been twice for lunch in the past few months and quite frankly don't really think much of it. I thought it was expensive for what you get. Twice we had the pizza which was fine the first time and cold the second. Lamb was way too well done. The place works in terms of location and it is nice to sit outdoors, but food wise I would just as soon go someplace else.