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Nov 4, 2007 06:40 AM

Wings in RI?


It's Sunday.
It's Sunny.
It's Autumn.
It's Pats v. Colts.

I have a massive chicken wing jones, and my fryer is now busted, so I turn to you. Where in this state can I find a heaping bunch of excellent flavorful, crispy wings? I live just north of Providence, and this craving is massively powerful, so I'm willing to make a drive if need be.



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  1. east ave cafe in pawtucket. fantastic wings. and on mondays- they are only 20 cents each!

    1. I hear the wings at Spikes are quite good as well

      1. L'attitude in Cranston has the best wings! I usually only like the crispy, dry kind, but they have a wet kind (NOT soggy though) that is fantastic.

        Also...great fries & their grilled pear/mixed greens/gorganzola salad is fantastic. They have this appetizer that has grilled bread & shrimp...I don't remember what it's called but it's awesome!

        Great bar, great food all around....kind of upscale pub-grub...On Broad Street in the Edgewood/Pawtuxet Village neighborhood of Cranston. Easy access...yummy food!

        Rt 10 south to Park Ave.....Park East to the end (broad Street)....right on broad, L'attitude is up a little ways on your left.

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          i've actually been wondering about the food at this place. i had heard good things about the bar atmosphere, but i like to know that i can get tasty food while i'm there too. thanks for the rec!

        2. PHAT Wings
          242 Broad Street
          Provicence RI

          I have little comparative experience, but I like the wings here. We get 'em with sauce on the side. They sell them "naked" and battered. I take the battered, have never had the other.

          1. Wings of Fire at Mister Taco (of all places) are very unique, I love the sauce.

            Hot Wings at Richards Pub in East Greenwich are also very unique, they are fried and tossed with a blend of fried pepper rings and pepper flakes and a vingegar based sauce, spicy and delicious...