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Nov 4, 2007 03:24 AM

Help me choose in East Village

Looking for a place to eat around 4th Street and A and B on Monday night. Between Le Tableau, Lavagna, Il Baggato and Per Bacco, what do you think? Also open to any other ideas. Thanks.

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  1. I'd go with Lavagna or Perbacco...the latter being interesting because they have various sharing plates.

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      Definitely agree with Lavagna. It has very flavorful and seasonal Italian fare. The service is friendly and always helpful with their affordable wine list.

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        Le Tableu has a limited menu bu the service was outstanding and the steak entree was excellent. Il Bagatto has amazing italian food but plan on waiting about 30 min past your reservation and getting unattentive service. If you arent starving then its worth the wait.

      2. Of the four, I prefer Lavagna. Another good one is Pylos - Greek food.

        1. That's a fourth for LaVagna. Based on my experience LaVagna is better than Le Tableau. LaVagna has a prix fixe and excellent wine list. Also like Pylos which was mentioned by LifeisGood58. LaVagna is dark and intimate, Pylos is more lively and noisy (maybe not on a Monday night?). Pylos: fish, haleumi with roasted grapes/pignolia, avoid the three cheeses in a clay pot and grilled octopus (the balsamic doesn't work well). They have Anny's Animus, a lovely Greek wine.

          Don't know if you're flexible about the location but Hoffman's new restaurant Back Forty just opened on B and 12th. I don't like to go to new places until they've worked out the kinks and the prices seem a little high. Also the owners of Zaitzeff (a small sandwich place in my area) just took over 18 Avenue B (near 2nd Street), I have not been yet. They are wonderful people and Zaitzeff has simple fresh delicious fare (lots of organic), but a bit pricey for sandwiches.

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            Scratch 18 Avenue B. When I was at Zaitzeff today they told me the menu was the same.