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Nov 3, 2007 10:00 PM

Kosher Turkey, Rubashkin's Aaron's Best-where to find? Or recommendations

Hello everybody, I am trying to find a specific brand of kosher turkey that has been recommended to me, Rubashkin's Aaron's Best. I am assuming that it will be frozen if I can find it in Austin. I'm looking for it because it is reputed to have an excellent flavor and texture, not because of any dietary restrictions, so I'd also be interested to hear alternate suggestions if anybody knows a source for a reliably delicious turkey, fresh or frozen.


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  1. I don't know if they'll have it, but have you checked at the HEB on Village Center Drive? (The one off of Far West Blvd.) They have an extensive Kosher department and have a Kosher butcher.

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      They should have it - I know they have the Rubashkin Chickens -

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        Thank you both for your suggestion. I had tried to call the Kosher Store at that HEB, but after being transfered to different people several times without ever being able to get a definitive answer, I finally drove over there today. And they DO have the Rubashkin's turkeys available by reservation. I hope it is as good as I've heard. Thanks again!


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          if you ever have trouble again call and ask for Tracy Cross, he's the Kosher Store manager and has been a great help to us many times in the past.

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      1. I believe the closest Trader Joe's is in Albuquerque, a day's drive away. I do hope we get a Trader Joe's in Austin sometime, though, because I love that store.

        Also, as far as the availability of Aaron's Best at Trader Joe's stores, that brand has been available only in the West Coast Trader Joe's stores, with the rest of the stores selling Empire brand. Perhaps they are changing that this year, though.

      2. PLEASE do not eat that turkey... I know Cook's Illustrated recommends it highly, but if you do a quick google search you'll see the horrific way those birds are produced. Worse than "normal" factory farms by far.

        Instead you should consider getting a local nonfactory fresh turkey-- Alexander Family Farms in Del Valle. They're also easily found with a google search (and far yummier. Just brine your bird before you bake.)

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          I did see all those reports a few weeks ago when I did a Google search looking for where to buy the bird, but when I researched further, they all seemed to be several years old. When I search now, I just find endless bulletin board posts of people asking where they can buy one, as well as one person who sold a 14 lb bird on ebay for $86.00.

          I have brined my turkeys for the last 10 years with much success (except for one accident about six years ago--I didn't realize that the amount of salt should be cut in half if using table salt instead of kosher salt, as called for in the recipe I was using--the turkey that year was saltier than jerky!) I am excited to try roasting my first kosher turkey.