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Nov 3, 2007 09:49 PM

Ozona Bar and Grill

I swung by Ozona today in order to check out the CFS. As recommended by Scott we asked for the garlic mashed potatoes and the spinach salad. I liked the jalapeno strips and the addition of bacon in the salad. It was dressed well and the spinach was fresh, but the shredded cheese kind of ruined the salad for me as a whole though. It was plain and didn't seem to fit. When my plate came I tried out the mashed potatoes first. The first thing i thought was, "these taste like potato." Within moments the garlic flavor came through. They were creamy without ever letting the butterfat overwhelm the flavors. A very good side.

Unfortunately I forgot to ask for the gravy on the side. The parts of the steak which had no gravy were crispy and not too bready. Even with the gravy it maintained its structure enough to make a textural contrast. The beef had some chew, but wasn't at all tough, and had a good beef flavor. I found the gravy disappointing. It wasn't bad, but it definitely didn't have the flavors of drippings and browned remains of frying. I added a little pepper.

Our service was unskilled, but very kind and accommodating. My companion and I actually split the dish. They brought it out on two plates, individually fried (not fried then cut), and didn't charge any extra. The half portion makes a good regular meal. I would probably never eat two of what i had tonight, but the half portion wouldn't be enough if i was very hungry. That is to say, that the real portion size is substantial, especially for the price (9-10). I was very impressed that they were willing to accommodate us in this way. Overall, this was a good meal at a good price. I would recommend it, but can see why Scott didn't give anyone higher than a B+ grade. The restaurant as a whole seems like an excellent place to take people who always suggest the likes of chile's for eating out. Also, they don't serve Abita Root Beer anymore. Our server said they were not just out, but won't ever have it again.

This was not just intended to share my experience, but a place for other people to share their impressions of meals at Ozona.

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  1. I don't know about Ozona. I haven't had a good meal there in years.

    Don't EVER go there for brunch and actually eat brunch food. It's godawful. They must cook one big batch of potatoes in the morning and just keep reheating them because our "home fries" were hard little bullets of potato that featured a number of oxidatized nasty pieces. The spinach on the eggs benedict variation I had was obviously fresh at one point but had been left to turn gray. It was one of those meals that is so mind-bogglingly horrible that you just have another Bloody Mary since those are pretty filling ;>

    We went to a party there on Friday and they had a Mexican buffet. The food was much better than brunch. We had eaten earlier so we just snacked a little. Unfortunately, both my husband and me were in desperate need of Gas-X later that night. (And no, it could not have been dinner - dinner was a sandwich at home.)

    I really wish Ozona was better, but at this point I've given up on it. I'd rather go to Two Rows if that's the type of menu I'm after.

    1. Ozona's has always had its detractors but I still like the place because it is one of the few Dallas restos with decent outdoor seating.

      I agree though, the service can be very spotty.

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        I forgot that part. Minus the extreme wobble of the table, the mix of grill smoke and November air was great.

      2. Ozona's catfish is incredible. Is there a better catfish w/n the city limits?

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        1. re: adkim

          Yes The service is a little spotty, but i always go for sunday brunch, they have an Make your own Bloody Mary Bar, and i always get the egg floretine or the turky wrap, always good eats. gotta love the outdoor seating on nice days.
          i usually make it a point not to go to ozonas with a party of 4+ cause like i said the service is usually spotty