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Flavor, the best BYOB in Dallas?

I am always interested in restaurants that allow BYOB (at a reasonable corkage). While a number of restaurant do allow BYOB either the food or atmosphere leaves something to be desired. The best restaurant that I have found in Dallas thus far is Flavor restaurant on Skillman. I have been a handful of times thus far and everything I have tried on the menu is excellent. There is classic Thai food with some Pan-Asian that is also quite good. The most notable dish I have had thus far is the crispy salmon with avocado relish. Does anyone else have any other suggestions that offer BYOB that serve high quality food?

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  1. Last night we went to Zorba's in Plano at Park and Preston. This is an excellent Greek place very authnic, for me it seems very cozy and I like the atmosphere. You can byob and they only charge 2.50 for corkage fee

    1. Oh, another great place is in old town Carrollton. It is called Amecci it is very upscale Italian . The chef is wonderful. Cozy atmosphere very small so make reservations.

      1. I agree that Flavor is quite a find for BYOB. I know many Vietnamese/Chinese places that allow BYOB, but like you mentioned - atmosphere can be lacking.

        I can think of three places that I've heard have a nice atmosphere and BYOB, but I've never been. Maybe someone else has:

        Sevan G&G Cafe

        1. Arc-En-Ciel (Chinese) 3555 W Walnut St Ste W Garland 972-272-2188
          Bukharrra Grill, Campbell Dr.
          Caravelle (Chinese) - 400 N. Greenville, Richardson (972) 437-6388.
          Chettinaad Palace (Indian) 2205 N. Central Expressway, Plano, TX 75075 469-229-9100
          Jasmine (Thai) 2050 W. Spring Creek Pkwy. Ste. 206, (at Custer), Plano (972) 517-1677.
          Kebab-N-Curry, 401 N Central Expy Ste 300, Richardson, TX 75080-5307 (Not sure)
          Momo's Italian Specialties (Italian) 9191 Forest, Dallas. 972-234-6800
          Tamarind (Thai) -- 3825 W Spring Creek Pkwy Ste 208 (N.E. corner with Coit), Plano 972-398-9055
          3-6-9 BBQ (Chinese) - 4140 Legacy Drive., #310, Plano 75024 (at Coit) 972-618-8888

          and endorse (from other posters):
          Zorba's (Greek) -- 1501 Preston Road (just north of Plano Pkwy. on West side of Preston), Plano 972-250-0002

          1. On a related point: To get a list of the 140 or so BYOB restaurants in dallas go to guidelive.com and do a restaurant search on 'BYOB".

            Surprised me there were so many!

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              Make sure you call ahead on those listed on Guidelive. They are not always good at updating when a restaurant obtains a liquor license and is no longer BYOB.

            2. I agree with a few of the ones listed above but one of my favorites is Oishii due to the resonable prices for sushi, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.

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                Thanks for all the other recs. While there are a number of the recommendations that I have yet to try, there are several I have tried including: Bukkhara, Caravelle, Momo's, Oiishi. Of those, I think that Flavor offers a better cuisine with which to pair with wine (which, depsite my lack of clarity, is what was I was most interested in when I mentioned BYOB restaurants). From my experience in Dallas, the vast majority of restaurants that offer BYOB tend to be either Asian or South Asian. The spice that you find in Vietnamese, Indian and Thai cuisines makes a more difficult pairing for a diversity of wines. Being Indian, I am well versed in Indian food and depsite what any oenophile might claim, beer is a far better match with Indian cuisine. There are a variety of white wines that can work with all these cuisines; but, for me, reds are a tougher sell. What I do like about Flavor, as someone who is into wine, is that the diversity of cuisine that Flavor offers allows excellent pairings with either reds or whites. Having said all this, I do look forward to trying Amici, Zorba, Eden and Pompano.

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                  Ignoring beer for the moment, I used to believe that high-acid whites were the best match with Indian food. I still like them but now think another wine attribute works as well or better than high acid: forward fruit. Thus, those 'fruit bomb' reds that are so difficult to match with temparate climate cuisine enahnce and are enhanced by spicy Indian food.

                1. In addition to my personal faves, Zorba's and Amici. I'd like to add, Cafe Amore on Coit road.
                  Kinda like an Italian Zorba's (atmosphere wise). Very pleasant and helpful staff as well.

                  1. Campania's Pizza in the West Village is my personal favorite BYOB. PIzza is absolutely fabulous with ingredients ranging from the traditonal to tuna, arugula, and potatoes! Location is small and can get quite busy on Friday & Saturday. No big parties but is perfect for couples. Check them out! http://www.campaniapizza.com/

                    1. Another BYOB restaurant worth trying is Aboca's, an Italian restaurant in Richardson on the southwest corner of Central and Beltline (actually very slightly south of Beltine). http://www.abocas.com/

                      1. My favorite is a little neighborhood restaurant on West Lovers Lane across the street from Celebration called Eden. No corkage fee and D Magazine name it best BYOB in 2007. Take your favorite bottle of red and try the Sage Burger.

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                          Amici Signature for me. Gregorys upscale French restaurant in downtown Plano used to be BYOB, but now the website, www.gregorysrestaurant.net, boasts that they serve a "selected beer and wine list....handpicked by Gregory himself." They go on to note that "A $25 cork fee per bottle applies for parties who choose to bring their own." If I read this correctly, I guess it means that they may still be BYOB officially, but with an extra $25 tacked on to brown-bag it, why bother?

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                            $25 for corkage? That is pretty ridiculous, unless you're saving some special wine that you've been laying down for 6 or 7 years, I can't see this being a popular option.