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Nov 3, 2007 09:04 PM

Rubashkin's Aaron's best Turkey in Atlanta

I am looking for a store to purchase a Rubashkin's Aaron's best Turkey in Atlanta, Georgia. I would appreciate it if anyone knows where I can find one? Thank you!

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  1. I am also looking for one of these turkey's in North Carolina. I read Trader Joes has this brand but not whole ones...that was in CA. Let me know if you find them. Thank you !

    1. I suspect that the newly arrived email from Cooks Illustrated catalyzed your seach. Make that our search. I am pusuing an Aaron's Best for the holiday as well.

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        In Atlanta, I'd call Kroger's on Briarcliff (maybe not ON Briarcliff, but around it).

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          Trader Joe's carries whole turkey for Thanksgiving, call your local store as they should have it in stock. I came across a webaite which will ship nationwide: . The shipping will cost a bit though.

      2. Please, may I issue a call for restraint (depending on where you live) on the Aaron's Best turkeys?

        In many parts of the South (I'm in the Triangle, NC) kosher meat is exceedingly difficult to come by and must be trucked in from other cities and states. Availability is very limited and it may be difficult for those who keep kosher to find an adequate quantity of kosher meat.

        In Atlanta and southern Florida this probably won't be a problem but in most other areas of the South it will. Please be considerate of the families who require kosher meat. I know you really want to try CI's recommendation, but please not at the expense of families who have no other options.

        If you are truly enamoured of Aaron's Best, why not get in touch with the processor and ask, as a consumer, for them to expand their distribution? It's too late for this Thanksgiving, but it will help everyone out in the future.