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Nov 3, 2007 07:44 PM

Interesting mussels?

What to do with mussels beyond the classic white wine? I once had something with leeks and sausage - anyone have a recipe for that? Or maybe a SEAsiany coconut milk base? What's your favorite?

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  1. Here's two favorites ... favoring the first one more.

    Mussels Steamed with Lemongrass, Thai Basil, Dried Chile, and Coconut Juice
    Recipe --->

    Mussels with Sausage, Coconut milk and Lime
    Recipe --->

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      That first one looks great, but what is coconut juice? I don't think I've heard of or seen it. Or is it a different way of saying coconut milk?

      1. re: waver

        Coconut Juice is the "water" from young coconuts.
        It is a.k.a. coconut *water*. Coconut *milk* is explained in Link # 2.


        Link # 2:

    2. I've made them with a combination of marinara sauce and pesto. I also like to cook them in white wine sauce, but then also add some marinara. Can you tell I like my mussels in red sauce?

      1. I had them pan fried with a bourbon reduction sauce. Great, but don't have the recipe.

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        1. re: davebough

          I've heard some that make mussels with cognac. People rave about it.

          1. re: davebough

            I was having an elder moment when I posted above. The dish I had was scallops. Love mussels. Does anybody eat them raw , like oysters on the half-shell?

          2. For Southeast Asian, this is one of my go-to's. I've been making it for years, it's easy, and always a hit at parties. I make the curry/coconut milk base the day before, and add more red curry and some Sriricha if I'm making it really spicy. I use Maesri brand Thai red curry paste.

            spicy thai steamed mussels

            1. I know there are Rachael Ray haters out there, but I saw an episode of hers and improvised upon this recipe. ( It was great. My husband loved it, and it never fails to impress. I also like the coconut milk and red or green Thai curry combination. You can also check out Monk's menu, in Philadelphia ( for inspiration.