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Nov 3, 2007 07:38 PM

Dinner in Newburyport?

Hello All,

The wife and I are going to be in the area next weekend for a weekend away w/o kids. We are staying on Plum Island and are thinking about the Plum Island Grill one night, but are looking for another place. Preferably in downtown Newburyport. Long time ago went to this great little place in downtown, can't remember the name but it began with an N was hard to pronounce and was named after a flower. I really liked it but heard it is no longer there. So if anyone has any recommendations that would be cool, and is the Plum Island Grill any good?


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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      I'll second 10 Center Street and also suggest Glenn's, which I liked very much the time I tried it. IIRC, 10 Center is open for lunch and dinner while Glenn's is only open for the latter.

      1. re: bachslunch

        10 Center St. No question. Medium Rare Chocolate Cake Rules

    2. And plum island grille is good. Rec the drunken clams. Ribs are a bit salty. And the mexican chocolate cake.

      1. Plum Island Grill, blah would never recommend them. Have had horrible service. 10 Center Street, good food, good service. Don't eat in the pub, the pub is for locals. If you are not a local, plan on spending a lot of time waiting for food and drink. Glenn's, a bit pricey, but good food and good service. Michaels, ok food, ok service, big date place for the younger North Shorians. Besides that, no other places to eat in Newburyport. Portsmouth, NH has better dining options.

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          10 Center is inconsistent, as are many of Newburyport's restaurants. There is a very good, reliable place (for fish, at least) called Bluewater Cafe, on High Street. They know how to do fish very well, specifically salmon, tuna, tilapia and arctic char- every time we've ordered these they have been done perfectly, which I can't say for 10 Center, Mission Oak, David's, Michaels, or BC. PIG is generally very good, but we did have one less-than-impressive dinner there last summer. Tried Mr. India last week and it was surprisingly fresh and good- didn't expect that outside of Cambridge. Glenn's and Bluewater are probably the two most reliable NBPT restaurants. Amesbury overall has better offerings.

        2. I'm going to second the 10 Center St. recommendation. there's also Agave which is modern Mexican and a classic steakhouse called Mission Oak Grill which is nice.

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          1. re: SeacoastFoodie

            never liked Agave.
            Mission Oak looks nice but the food didn't impress me.

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              I'll second ScubaSteve's lack of impression re Mission Oak. Nice space, though.

          2. Thanks to all...due to a scheduling snafu we never made it to Newburyport, but hopefully soon