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Nov 3, 2007 07:30 PM

ISO Muscat or Medeira Wine Upstate NY

We're going to upstate NY tomorrow (Dutchess County area), and want to do a wine tasting somewhere. Would *really* love to get a sample of Muscat or Medeira, neither of which we've ever had...

Any information would be great!


Janet (GG)

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  1. First of all, Madeira is a fortified wine only made on the small Atlantic island of that name; expecting to find a good version in NYS as asking a bit much. Now Muscat is a type of aromatic grape that is grown in various places around the world. It can make anything from a crisp dry, perfumed wine to a high alcohol fortified desert wine. The latter is usually done mostly in hot climates, e.g. south of France, Muscat Beaumes de Venise. Are you thinking of the latter? Again, upstate NY is not the place to look for this sort of wine.

    NYS can produce some nice aromatic whites; the Alsace varieties like riesling and gewurztraminer have been very sucessful in the Finger Lakes and to a lesser extent, the Hudson Valley. Muscat would probably do well, but not much is grown.

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      Dear JM -

      Thanks for the info (I'm pretty much a wine neophyte, so I didn't know (and yep, it's specifically dessert wines that I'm after..) So I'm guessing that both will have to wait until someday if I travel to such areas.... (For what it's worth, we ended up going to Clinton wineries, which had some decent dessert wines...) Thanks...!