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Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Family will be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving this year and I'm looking for a great cooked dinner for takeout. I heard that the Whole Foods was pretty good. Any other suggestions? We are so used to making our own that we really want it to taste like home made.

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  1. Whole Foods was open last year and had a Thanksgiving hot bar. I like Whole Foods as a store, but I'm not in love with their prepared foods. If you're open to a sit down, go to Open Table and you'll see what places are open. Horseradish Grill would probably be your best bet out of what's open. It's a cool location (restored old barn in Chastain Park). Their site is horseradishgrill.com. Another take-out option could be a meal you pick up the night before from a local restaurant and then heat-and-eat. Maybe someone's heard of some places that do this...I can't think of any off the top of my head.

    1. I think that OK cafe does a Thanksgiving takeout, but I'm not certain. It's worth giving them a call.

      1. Try Muss and Turner's. Looks like they have a take-out holiday menu on their website.

        1. Bag it. Eat chinese food. Choices are numerous, and legion.

          1. Souper Jenny in Buckhead (if you don't know about this place, you're missing out on a great lunch joint!) is preparing all of the sides for Thanksgiving, but not the bird. So you could go get yourself a bird and have Souper Jenny do the rest! Don't think they have a website, but they are near East Andrews Pub in the shopping center off Cains Hill Place in Buckhead (had flyers outside promoting Thanksgiving). We are traveling for Thanksgiving, otherwise, Souper Jenny would be doing my cooking!

            1. I would definately order from Whole Foods or Fresh market. If only Eatzi's were still around...that would have been ideal.

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                Eatzi's is gone? Hate to hear that. There was one within walking distance to the host hotel for regional bridge tournaments...loved Eatzi...especially eating out three meals a day for an entire week...lots of variety and healthy options.

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                  Yes, Eatzi's had too much competition in Atlanta when Whole Foods built the new Buckhead store, and with the entrance of The Fresh Market. Although I think they closed in other cities too.

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                  Eatzi's was gross - had several bad experiences there.
                  Alon's is the choice for prepared foods.

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                    Eatzi's is open... I realized this is 2 years later, but they have a location on Ponce.

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                      Are you referring to Eats at 600 Ponce? They've been around since the mid-90's. As far as I know, they are not affiliated with Eatzi's.

                  2. Piccadilly has a turkey dinner. Popeye's will cajun fry a turkey for you.

                    1. Mary Mac's Tea Room offers a take out feast - and Mary Mac's is great!

                      1. Pharm House in downtown Decatur is doing takeout. Check their facebook page for the details

                        They're a pretty new American comfort food restaurant, Chef-owned. We've eaten there a couple of times and they use really good quality fresh ingredients and cook everything just right. I'd give that a try.