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Nov 3, 2007 06:39 PM

Minneapolis/St. Paul

I'm looking for a few unique, tasty, and moderately priced restaurants in the MSP area for next weekend (Sat-Mon)? Never been there, we're staying out in Bloomington to shop, but are willing to drive for a good meal. It can be a dive or back-alley diner, so long as we can find it and won't get killed. Has to be locally owned, no chains unless it's unique to the area. No Asian restaurants either. Thanks in advance!

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  1. How about Aribel's in Richfield? Very close to Bloomington. Here's Danny's post about it.

    Here's another Bloomington thread you might find helpful.

    If you find yourself needing chow at the Mall of America itself, Napa Valley Grille is getting a lot of kudos from the local food critic at the free weekly "alternative" paper:

    P.S. there are few places in the Twin Cities where you are likely to be killed--even in a back-alley. People are pretty mild and friendly here.


    1. The only danger to life and limb will be on the freeways. People drive like maniacs! (I say that as a maniac driver who's trying to reform.)

      I'd say ditto to Aribel's, but I haven't actually made it there yet. It sounds great, though.

      For good Indian food, try India Cafe. I loved this tiny formica-boothed place when I visited several months ago. It was all vegetarian then, but I hear they've added some meat and/or fish dishes to the menu.

      And here's a good thread on places in south Minneapolis (near Bloomington and Richfield):

      Enjoy your trip!


      TBS India Cafe
      7826 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55420

      Aribel's Restaurant
      1120 E 66th St, Minneapolis, MN 55423

      1. Try Zelo in downtown Minneapolis. I travel there for business frequently, just ate there last week and will eat there again tomorrow night. It's a winner!
        Or they have a simliar restaurant, same owners in Bloomington, never ate there but the menu is simliar. Ciao Bella

        1. I've eaten at Aribel's and highly recommend it. Don't be scared if there are no cars in the lot - the owners are very gracious people and they cook everything upon order. The food is great!

          Also, there have been others that have talked about El Paradiso that's on 60th and Nicollet. there was another one that recently went back to Persian cuisine (a favorite of mine) that used to be Cintia's - maybe others can pine in here on the name and location of that one (close to where you'll be staying).

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            I think you're trying to name Shiraz. My husband & I drove by it today and he asked 'I wonder if that place is even any good'.. haven't heard a peep about it. Anyone here been there? Guess they have belly dancers sometimes.. but seriously, that bar w.the truck hanging out of it needs to stop.

            1. re: reannd

              Jeremy Iggers liked Shiraz. I like Jeremy Iggers, so Shiraz sounds like a good bet to me. And I think they have a half-priced deal on a bottle of Shiraz on Monday nights (and maybe Tuesdays, too).

              I think the belly dancers are on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays).