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Nov 3, 2007 06:05 PM

Valentino's New Vin Bar

The new V-Bar just opened recently and we decided to stop by and try it last week.
OMG! Finally a casual place to enjoy very well prepared Italian Delicacies.
When you walk into the Bar there are now High Bar Tables and Wines in cabinet's on the walls.
There is a Wine Cart which has several nice wines by the glass available plus the option to buy wines at a discount by the bottle available in the Bar area only.

The Dishes:
1. Il Culatello (King of Prosciutto) w/ Parmigiano Bisquits 19- (serves 3- 4)
2. Calamaretti Fritti (whole fried Calamari) Best we've ever had anywhere! 9- (serves 4)
3. Italian Giant Anchovies (amazing) 8-
4. House Made Tripe Raviolis w/ Pecorino (fantastic) 11-

As you can see the prices are very reasonable and many of these items are for sharing.
It's like Primi all over again. You can stop by for a quick dinner or snack and not have to get involved in a lengthy Dinner but still get to enjoy well made Italian Food. We are returning in a couple of weeks for a White Truffle Dinner.

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  1. Was there last night.

    Thought the food was generally pretty good (great osso bucco but the pasta could use some work).

    Best part of V Vin-Bar? It's a bar for grown-ups.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      We only dined off the Bar Menu which was very good.
      I thought all Bar's are for Grown-ups?

    2. where is this place? is it located within Valentino?

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      1. re: banquisha

        Right inside the Entrance of the Restaurant and part of the Bar Area. Simple for In & Out dining.

      2. It sounds good, but their online menu lists a glass of a certain wine for $18. It's a bottle I get from the winery for $12. That mark-up is insane.

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        1. re: AlabasterDisaster

          Sure it's steep, but that's the sort of price you have to pay for having such a good selection of wines by the glass. And don't forget the sunk costs to maintain inventory, selection, etc. After all, what do you do with that aging opened half bottle that was used to pour one single glass?

          It's like saying, "Spaghetti for $20!?!!? I can buy a pound of gourmet pasta for a 1/10 of that price!". Just doesn't work that way, unfortunately.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            ipsedixit, I have read your posts for some time and I really like what you have to say.. Friendly Fire.. as to the wine mark up.. lets just say that is how they chose to markup their wine. Your first sentence was great and went downhill in the first paragraph.. I am looking forward to checking out the new wine bar and pay my taxes if need be.. As you have been, I am curious to know of their selection of wines by the glass? How many do you think they have??

            1. re: Foodandwine

              Didn't mean to offend and am not trying to defend Valentino's policy on markups, but just offering a counterpoint on the issue. After all, no one seems to get upset over the markups on soda or even bottled water ...

              If I recall correctly, there were about a dozen or so offerings by the glass, maybe more.

        2. I don't agree with your opinions about the portion sizes. I ordered multiple dishes from the Vin Bar menu and found them each appetizer sized, suitable to share for 2. We were still hungry, despite a bill for $160+. A nice place to grab maybe a snack and a quartino of wine, but if you're looking for dinner, you're better off dining inside the actual restaurant. By the way, you can order off the regular menu at the bar, but like I said, if you're going to do that, you might as well eat at the restaurant.

          1. How large a space is the new bar i.e. how many people do you think the netire space could comfortable accomodate for cocktails?