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Nov 3, 2007 04:36 PM

Recent L'impero experiences?

I have a reservation next month for L'impero, but I've heard of some negative experiences lately. They are operating under a new chef, correct? Does anyone have any very recent experiences to share? If you think I should change the reservation, where would you suggest going (where I can actually get a decent reservation about 20 days from not babbo or lupa)?

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  1. Have you seen the recent NYT review? I did have a wonderful meal recently under the new chef at Alto.

    1. Recent thread which has lots of L'impero info:

      I was impressed, but not blown away. The octopus and sardine appetizers were very good. I liked the sea urchin pasta, but I've had better versions of this dish elsewhere (Roberto Passon, I think).

      1. l'Impero is wonderful, and IMO better than Babbo. Don't change your reservation, you will be very happy.