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Nov 3, 2007 03:58 PM

What are you serving night before Thanksgiving?

So my out of town family will be arriving on Wednesday, and the last thing I want to do is cook, since I will have been cooking for days.
Suggestions for make-ahead dinner and apps? I thought: beef stew, but my sister is not a beef eater. Perhaps Lasagne? I've never (!) made lasagne.

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  1. We have a tradition that we go out to dinner the night before Thanksgiving to a Turkish restaurant. Turkey before Turkey day. Everyone looks forward to it and there are no dishes to clean.

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      What a wonderful idea....and cleverly cute, too!

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        Order pizza and be done. You have enough to do the next day-I don't think they are expecting you to cook a huge meal every day. Give yourself a break. Or as DaisyM said-go out! But it will be crowded because that is what a lot of people do.

      2. I usually go all out when I make lasagne--homemade spinach noodles, 5-hour ragu. But I've been stocking my Mom's freezer and need recipes that are quick and easy to prepare with no exotic ingredients. I recently found this lasagne on Epicurious and it couldn't be easier.

        I like the idea of going out, but if that's not going to work, this recipe, with no-cook noodles, is a very satisfying, tasty, and pretty foolproof lasagne.

        1. In our family we usually fast before a holiday. Well... not exactly fast, per se, but go lightly knowing we'll probably be over indulging the next day. A soup, salad, no dessert....just enough to keep up strength. LOL Breakfast is light as well.

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            My family does this too. Fruit and cereal for breakfast. Then, since we're usually out that day anyway doing the last minute food shopping, we make it a point to eat a light healthy lunch at a nice restaurant--bowl of soup, a salad, or an appetizer. And a very light dinner at home while doing the day-before preparations--usually a glass of wine with a nice loaf of bread, good cheese, fruit.

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              Wine, bread, cheese, fruit. Perfect!! I love these holidays.....

          2. Our family tradition is Soup Supper for everyone - neighbors, friends, et al because Thanksgiving dinner was always hosted by my aunt. We made several kinds and had a wonderfully informal kitchen party, knowing that Thanksgiving proper would be formal.

            Now that I host T-day, I'm wedded to the Soup Supper as a way of honoring and remembering my (deceased) family.

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              Yes I have done this as a "soup bar". I take all the bits of veggie that did not quite get used up in the prep ( always have everything prepped day before for T'gvg) and saute in garlic olive oil or butter. Have a bit pot of flavorful broth, the veggies, cooked noodles, some mini meatballs. Let everyone make their own bowl of fixins, and ladle broth on top. Add-ons include leftover croutons (from stuffing), scallion, parsley, grated cheese etc. It makes for a slow easy evening and gives the family members perhaps from out of town a chance to relax into the family unit. Of course I am in the corner with the turkey liver smooshed on toast and the giblets dunked in hot mustard...

            2. Make a giant frittata (you can make it ahead and reheat, or even serve room temp) with good bread, a salad and fruit for dessert. Healthy, tasty, and doesn't resemble anything you might make with T-day leftovers.