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Nov 3, 2007 03:27 PM

What's up with Killingworth, CT?

Have been to Great Wall Chinese and Da Vinci Pizza-but will never go back to either, very bad chow.
Taste of China in Clinton was great, as was Pattaconk in Chester for a burger, and Perk on Main in Durham for crepes. Elizabeth's cafe at Perfect Parties in Madisn was great. Anything chowhound worthy in Madison, Chester, Durham, Killingworth? Thanks in advance-

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  1. We like:

    Tast of China, Clinton
    Boom, Westbrook
    Aqua, Clinton
    Edd's, Westbrook
    Maru, Clinton
    Nuzzo Apizza, Madison
    AlForno. Old Saybrook

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      We also love Taste of China and Edd's. Grand Apizz in Clinton is our favorite for New Haven style pizza. Maru has excellent sushi. Cafe Routier in Westbrook, Jack's and Liv's in Old Saybrook are all worth checking out. For Killingworth, the Cooking Company (right across from the bad Chinese and pizza places) has excellent takeout.

    2. River Tavern in Chester is delicious and definitely chowhound worthy. It is right on Main Street.

      1. Madison: Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale - get the fried shrimp
        Chester: Sig's is good, Restaurant du Village = my fave restaurant in CT, Lupo also very good
        Clinton: Maru
        Go out of your way to Bella Lisa Route 80 just past Guilford in North Branford - better pizza than New Haven.

        1. The Kworth Cafe isnt too bad...they have some great Ribs and Tenderloin Tips etc...always a fun place on a Friday night..very down home type of place. The Squire opened recently...not bad the food is pretty good..a bit on the higher priced side for some items, but just added a bar menu which is awesome. There is a new place in Ivoryton Tuskan? Going to check it out for the first time this weekend..and if you really want Chowhound Worthy food and dont mind driving another 10 mins or so..head into Centerbrook and eat at Gabrielles..u will notttt be disappointed...Aplus!

          1. I think I have almost all on my map:
            If you look in the area, rather than alphabetically, remember it it is a two page list and you won't see some on one map or the other.
            Brasserie Pip @ The Copper Beech Inn (Ivoryton,), gets my nod. Blue Oar is supposed to be a well-kept secret (Haddam) and Coyote Blue Tex-Mex (up 9 on the far south end of Midletown) is worth a visit if you haven't had a Southwestern-Mex fix in a while.
            Nishiki Japanese Restaurant in Old Saybrook is said to be good. Water's Edge Resort & Spa (Westbrook) is highly rated for romantic dining.

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            1. re: Scargod

              NO, WAIT! It's bad enough this thread is two years old! ;)

              Nishiki Japanese Restaurant in OS is now Samurai. And the only Chowhound who loves it publicly is ME! But I honestly haven't gone back to Taste of China since finding Samurai. We love it and have been known to trek there on a weekly basis. Try the orange beef! The Spicy Lover roll! Don't forget the fried ice cream!

              Patisserie du Glace and Bistro du Glace in Deep River are two good spots--esp. the Patisserie.

              I haven't been to Edd's Place in a long, long time. Used to enjoy it. Anyone have a recent report?