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Nov 3, 2007 03:16 PM

Grandpa Freds BBQ-review (Valley)

Yesterday some friends and I had lunch at this BBQ I discovered from this board. You walk in and its very unique yet odd at the same time, the walls aren't a solid paint rather a creative backdrop painting, see their website:

Plus they have a movie theatre size screen showing cable tv while you eat, some nights show Star Wars in 3D including the glasses, interesting.

Now onto the food, we both ordered our own lunch combo for $19.95 along with some sweet tea imagine a sweetened tea with honey, very good.

For your meal you get any 2 meats and 2 sides.

I got the beef ribs and links along with the fried okra & mac n cheese

My buddy got the beef ribs-chicken along with mashed potatoes & mac n cheese

They include sauces to dabble with from a 0 to a 10 which is beyond hot.

Now these were some delcious beef ribs we both enjoyed them alot, to bad the mac n cheese was cold yet I did enjoy my fried okra. By the way we each got 3 huge flinstone like sice ribs with beef that fell off the bone.

Will I try it again-YES

Share your thoughts fellow foodies,

Stuart :>)

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  1. Been there a few months back when the owner was away. Beef Ribs were TERRIBLE. Dry, jerky-on-a-stick-like. No smoke, little flavor. Sauce was merely passable, the beef link ubiquitous but edible.

    I had a correspondence with the owner who reported the staff and kitchen were out of control because he was away from the site recuperating from a surgery. He promised to let me know when he was back and things were better but I haven't heard as yet.

    Our mac & cheese was also cold and forgettable although we DID enjoy the fried okra. Not too many place around offer it. In fact, we had two orders and the leftovers worked great on a version of that Larkin's stand-by, Heirloom Tomato Salad with Fried Okra and Balsamic Vinaigrette.

    We haven't been back yet although I DO get a hankering every now and then.