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Nov 3, 2007 03:13 PM

bouillabaiise / soupe aux poissons

Does anyone know where you can get an authentic bouillabaiise or Soupe aux Poisson with rouille around baltimore or washington. Just got back from provence and got really hooked on the way they prepare them. thanks

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  1. Bouillabaisse purists insist that you can't get an authentic one outside of Marseilles and La Chaumiere in Georgetown may agree with them. They call their fish stew with aioli Friscasée de Pecheur. It is really good and may satisfy your longings. It's getting chilly enough now that they may be ready to light the fireplace. Nice, comfy restaurant with consistently good French country food.

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      la chaumiere does not mention saffron in theirs. do they use it?

      also, how is their pike dumpling? we used to go -- emphasize "used to go" -- to le gaulois in old town for bb and pike d. -- no more since its tragic downfall!

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        i tend to gravitate towards the korean spicy renditions of the seafood stew, but french is another great cuisine and la chaumiere's stew sounds like a must-try, especially now that it is getting brrrr cold. any other recommendations for good (inexpensive) french country food in dc?

      2. I believe the bistro at Restaurant Eve had it, but I have not had it there.

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          Yannick Cam makes a superb bouillibasse by an standard.

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            Restauraunt Eve's version has "cod and clams" in saffron "jus" with rouille. Just cod and clams for $27?!? I know saffron is expensive, but come on!

            1. re: alkapal

              That's an old menu. Most recent version at Eve has prawns, cod, mussels, and clams. It's worth every penny.


              Hanks Oyster Bar has a bouillabaise that looks very large and tasty. Wish I'd ordered it.

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                monkeyerotica, so re's website menu is not keot updated? therefore unreliable as to offerings or price?

                1. re: alkapal

                  Yup. The RE site only has "sample" menus; they're not updated daily. A couple dishes are always served - like the "OOO" soup, sweetbreads, etc - but it varies from day to day depending on what's fresh, local, seasonal, and what the chef feels like making that day.

                  Pretty sure the 5 and 9 course tasting menus are still $95/$125 respectively, but that'll probably change soon, what with the rising price of fuel.

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                    thanks, monkeyerotica! (that avatar ;-D)

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                I forgot about Eve's bouillibasse. From a post of mine on this board on August 30, 2004:

                "Restaurant Eve has grown; it has become a special destination with several truly outstanding dishes. A shellfish bouillibiasse was more intensely delicious than any that I have had, even from Yannick Cam or Michel Richard. I would even use the word extraordinary to describe its rich depth of flavor. Truly a Great dish, certainly worth crossing the Potomac for if not the Atlantic."

                I had Yannick Cam's when he was in Great Falls at Le Relais. I have not had his bouillibasse at Le Paradou. Regardless, the key to both his and Eve's is the fish fumet which is outstanding at both.

                Please note that both of these are a shellfish bouillibasse (which I also make). Traditional bouillibasse is only fish and most of the fish are specified. In the traditional the fish are served first in a shallow bowl and the broth ladled on top of them.