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Nov 3, 2007 03:01 PM

Ommegeddon in Boston Area?

I checked Downtown Wine and Spirits in Davis Square for Ommegang's Ommegeddon and they are sold out and said they can't get anymore. Does anyone know of any place in the Boston area that still has this beer? Julios?

Any info you have would be great....

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  1. I think I saw it at Sav-Mor on the Somerville/Cambridge line and I'm sure I saw it yesterday at the Whole Foods on River St in Cambridge

    1. Bauer Wine and Spirts on Newbury Street has about 3 or 4 left. $10.99

      1. Martignetti's in the North end has it along with their chocolate indulgence

        1. I saw it at Kappy's in Danvers- across the street from the North Shore Mall, a couple days ago.

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            Thanks for the tip...I picked up two bottles at Julio's Wine and Spirits in West Marlboro (sp?) two weeks ago. It is stashed in my basement and ready to be cracked in a year or two.