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Nov 3, 2007 02:48 PM

What does fresh turmeric root look like?

Does it look basically like ginger root, but with a more orange tinge to it? I was up at the Asian market today, and I saw 2 different kinds of roots. One was galanga, and it was pretty recognizable by the rings or layers I could see on the root. Another looked very much like ginger, but perhaps not quite as brown--but was not labelled.

And what's the best way of keeping the stuff around? With ginger, when I don't use all that I've bought, I drop the leftover in a jar of sherry I keep around, and periodically use the ginger from the sherry jar. Any drawbacks to doing that with turmeric?

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  1. If it looked like ginger it was probably sime kind of ordinary galangal. Turmeric is thin like lesser galangal.
    Turneric has a matte tan outer layer then a, well, turmeric coloured inner part. The roots are about 7mm thick.

    1. Yes. It looks like a thinner, less knobby version of ginger, with the same thin golden brown skin but with orange flesh underneath.

        1. re: hannaone

          Thank you, Ruth, Peg, and Hanna for the info.

          BTW, my interest in turmeric was sparked by reading some scientific reports that it's good for your health.