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Nov 3, 2007 02:38 PM

Weber BBQ grates... stainless steel? Any Canadians?

I've been reading up on porcelain-enameled cast-iron versus stainless steel grates. It really sounds like an endless debate between two divided camps. Anyway, I've been trying to decide between the Weber E-320 and the S-320. The difference in price is nearly $200 (I'm up in Canada), so I'm leaning towards the E-320.

The grill includes a 5-year warranty on the grates, so to all the Weber owners in Canada, how has the customer service been? I've heard a lot of great things from Americans, so I want to make sure that it's the same story north of the border.

Worst case scenario, does anyone know a place in Canada where I can buy the stainless steel grates? And which model fits the E-320?


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  1. I can't speak to warranty issues in Canada, but just a word from my experience with the SS grill grate...

    My Weber has cast iron grates. Love 'em. More scrapping and oiling required to prevent rust, but for cooking performance they are my preference.

    A couple of years ago my buddy got a Weber with the SS grates.... Quite a few times I ended up being the one to do the grilling when over at his house. I really dislike the SS because food stuck to them terribly! It was as if the meat had been super-glued to the grate... If you let them get really gunked up with crud, they're not so bad... but in general I'm not a fan. I'll stick to the cast iron.

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      interesting. My results were just the opposite. I originally had the bare cast iron and after they rusted up a bit switched to SS. SS cleans up great and if you oil them up good before putting on the food there is no sticking. Even with fish. I wanted grates that I could clean well since grilling uses high enough heat to make maintaining the season on cast iron almost impossible.