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Nov 3, 2007 02:30 PM

Where to order a fresh turkey in Windsor Terrace/Kensington

We have 14 people coming over for Thanksgiving, and I don't have space in the fridge to defrost the 20+ pound turkey that I will need. Any suggestions of where can I order a fresh one in the Windsor Terrace/Kensington area?

I will probably want to buy a couple of prepared sides. Any suggestions for that are welcome too.


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  1. Although they are not my preferred butcher (I like Los Paisanos on Smith St.) United Butcher on PPW might be able to help. I suggest doing research on the brand you would like to buy, in case they can't get it, have some back ups.

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      tho it's a bit farther, union market on union and 6th ave in pslope carries murrays turkeys brined or unbrined. we had one last year and it was very tasty (i brined it myself).

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        Skip Union Market. They charge way too much. Why not try the butcher (I forget the name) on PPW between 16th and 17th street? There's the guy on 5th Ave between 7th and 8th streets. Finally, there's Dipoulo in the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Market. All three of these guys should be able to handle your request.

    2. If you're by Kensington you might want to stop by some of the Halal markets on Coney Island Ave. If they have turkeys I bet you they will be fresh killed If you want prepared sides and turkey at the same time I'd hit the butcher on Prospect Park West by 16th Street.

      1. A short little trip over to Sunset could get you a live turkey. More specifically, a turkey that was alive until you pointed at it and the nice Pakistani fellow took it in the back. They usually stock turkeys near Thanksgiving at all the live markets in that zone.

        The post above beat me to it! CIA or Church will also have the Bengali live markets.