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biscuits and gravy in brooklyn?

I've been craving some biscuits and sausage gravy-- anybody know of a good place around here to get them?

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  1. Enid's at the border of williamsburg and greenpoint, though they're not particularly cheap.

    1. Egg just off Bedford in Williamsburg has them with spicy sausage gravy. Really good stuff.

      1. depending where "around here" is . . .
        Stone Park on FIfth Ave and 3rd St in Park Slope has deeeeelicious sausage gravy and biscuits on their brunch menu (also not cheap, but great quality)
        Report back if you end up going to Enid, Egg, and Stone Park . . .

        1. Downtown Atlantic, weekend brunch

          1. its a very gluttonous dish, but i like it at relish in williamsburg. i think pies and thighs also does it...not sure.

            1. pies-n-thighs, on s.5th and kent in williamsburg, makes the best version i've ever had.

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                will hit that up; been meaning to try their fried chix. is that place eat-in?

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                  sort of. they have some outdoor tables in the concrete yard next to the building, but they're not very comfortable - especially as the temperature continues to drop. you can take your food into the adjoining bar, but it's very divey. if you're not bothered by that, then you can enjoy your food with a drink and sit for pretty much as long as you'd like.

              2. Try the brunch at Farm in Prospect Heights. They are wonderful!

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                  wow, thanks for all the responses. i will try some of these and report back asap

                2. Seconding pies n thighs. So much porkfatty goodness it's insane, and the most traditional you'll find anywhere up here. Just ignore the dingy, beer smelly surroundings of the seating area and dive in. Better yet, get it to-go.