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Nov 3, 2007 11:55 AM

Anyone know where to buy Mexican shrimp?

I know there are several restaurants that serve them, but I'm looking to buy some from a market/store for home. I used to get them at Mayfair, but haven't seen them in a few years...not sure why. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    1. What Area (city)?
      How many lbs?
      What size?
      What are you using them for? Cocktail , Cooked Dish, BBQed?

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      1. re: russkar

        I live in the Hollywood area, but I'm willing to drive a little (cooler in tow) to get some. Not looking for any particular dish, I just prefer them to the usual suspects found around the area. Size doesn't matter, either. Mostly, I'm just seeking a spot where I could find them on a more regular basis, since I would opt to cook with them over just about any other kind.

        1. re: missy85

          Size Matters because the Smaller ones are Farmed nowadays. They come in Frozen 5lb blocks, to use smaller quantities I break the blocks in Quarters by hitting them on the curb until they fracture , then the other way. Amazingly the Shrimp don't break and the 4 remaining frozen blocks each contain about 20 shrimp. I recommend U15 size which is available Wild only and costs around 42- per 5 lbs. Available Wholesale at G&S 323-581 6161, ask for will call. Tell Aaron you want 5lbs, OG#1 U15. Cash only. Located at Slauson & Alcoa in Vernon.

      2. tresierras markets on the valley google search for locations

        1. santa monica seafoods has a frozen five pound block of Ocean Garden brand shell on 21-26 count shrimp, for 55 bucks.
          99 ranch has a similar block frozen product for about half that price.
          wish i woulda known that before i dropped that cash!!

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          1. re: anthonyrza

            Ocean Garden or Meridian are the Best Brands of Wild Mex Shrimp.
            Unfortunately the smaller sizes 16-20's (farmed & wild) and smaller(21-25's) are now mostly FARM RAISED.
            Still Better than Black Tigers but not as good as a firm Wild "white" Gulf Shrimp.
            U15's or larger U12's are Wild.

          2. Thanks everyone for the tips! Much appreciated. Always good to know where to save a little money and the farmed/wild info will definitely come in handy. I hadn't realized the smaller ones were usually farmed, though they still sound like a good deal when in a pinch.