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Anyone know where to buy Mexican shrimp?

I know there are several restaurants that serve them, but I'm looking to buy some from a market/store for home. I used to get them at Mayfair, but haven't seen them in a few years...not sure why. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    1. What Area (city)?
      How many lbs?
      What size?
      What are you using them for? Cocktail , Cooked Dish, BBQed?

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        I live in the Hollywood area, but I'm willing to drive a little (cooler in tow) to get some. Not looking for any particular dish, I just prefer them to the usual suspects found around the area. Size doesn't matter, either. Mostly, I'm just seeking a spot where I could find them on a more regular basis, since I would opt to cook with them over just about any other kind.

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          Size Matters because the Smaller ones are Farmed nowadays. They come in Frozen 5lb blocks, to use smaller quantities I break the blocks in Quarters by hitting them on the curb until they fracture , then the other way. Amazingly the Shrimp don't break and the 4 remaining frozen blocks each contain about 20 shrimp. I recommend U15 size which is available Wild only and costs around 42- per 5 lbs. Available Wholesale at G&S 323-581 6161, ask for will call. Tell Aaron you want 5lbs, OG#1 U15. Cash only. Located at Slauson & Alcoa in Vernon.

      2. tresierras markets on the valley google search for locations

        1. santa monica seafoods has a frozen five pound block of Ocean Garden brand shell on 21-26 count shrimp, for 55 bucks.
          99 ranch has a similar block frozen product for about half that price.
          wish i woulda known that before i dropped that cash!!

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            Ocean Garden or Meridian are the Best Brands of Wild Mex Shrimp.
            Unfortunately the smaller sizes 16-20's (farmed & wild) and smaller(21-25's) are now mostly FARM RAISED.
            Still Better than Black Tigers but not as good as a firm Wild "white" Gulf Shrimp.
            U15's or larger U12's are Wild.

          2. Thanks everyone for the tips! Much appreciated. Always good to know where to save a little money and the farmed/wild info will definitely come in handy. I hadn't realized the smaller ones were usually farmed, though they still sound like a good deal when in a pinch.

              1. I think that the fish vendor at the Hollywood Farmer's Market on Sundays sells shrimp from Mexico. It's twice as much per pound as you would find frozen but it's really good. I believe that it's 16/20.