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Nov 3, 2007 11:41 AM

Southern Westchester: Kid Friendly and Not So Kid Friendly?

New parents trying to tell which restaurants are kid friends and which are not - any advice? Our best and worst experiences:

Rosies in Bronxville: We made a reservation specifying a high chair. When we got there, they said their ONE high chair was broken and refused to seat us in an empty booth that was the only place my 1 yr old could sit (their other chairs all had large holes that she would have slipped right through). Gave me the impression they couldn't care less. We left.

Global Gatherings in Hartsdale: Cleanest high chairs I have ever seen and a cute kids menu (excellent mac & cheese!). Waiters were all very friendly. And the grown-up food is excellent too - don't be put off by the strange theme (furniture store and restaurant in one??) - I have had several wonderful meals there.

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  1. I couldn't think of a worse place for kids than Global Gatherings with all of the "untouchable" things around to tempt kids to get up and explore, touch, break. The concept just doesn't work.

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      You have no idea what you are talking about. We've taken our three year old there for most of his life. Sure you have to mind the child, but most of the things they sell aren't that fragile. The owner and staff are completely accomodating. The fun of the place is wandering between courses to see what's around. We've gone monthly since they opened without incident. In all GG represents one of the best combinations of great 'slow cooking' cusine, an interesting setting in an atmosphere that keeps the kids from going batty.

    2. I find the Mexican restaurant on Central Ave in Scarsdale (next to A&P) very kid friendly. I cannot remember the name. But food comes quick and is decent and they have music. Q in Portchester is kid friendly also.

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        Tequila Sunrise in Larchmont is kid friendly.

        Last I was there, their food had vastly improved.

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          Casa Maya -- I like the music, but it is overpriced and the food is so-so.

          Sunset Grille on Gedney Way in White Plains is better food and prices. I have not been there with the kids.

        2. Blue Moon in Bronxville is very kid friendly. If you go before 6:30 it is mostly families with kids. My six year old loves to go there, last time they were giving out glowsticks, and I like the sangria and food is better than the mexican on Central Avenue.

          We also take our son to the Japanese (don't remember name) and Indian Restaurants (Spice Village) in Tuckahoe located in that little shopping mall catty corner from the train station, which are both very accomodating and to Spring Asian in Fleetwood. They will make him singapore noodles even though not on menu and always treat us and him well. All three of these restaurants usually have a few kids eating there when we go.

          1. We recently moved to the area and have 2 kids (ages 3 and 1). I've been keeping a list of places to try and after reading this thread, we went to Valhalla Crossing this past Saturday night (thanks Dim Sum Diva!).


            Although they have a big menu, we kept it simple -- I had a cheeseburger (with onion rings rather than fries), my husband had a fish sandwich, and my kids both had chicken fingers. It was all pretty good -- especially of all things, the onion rings. I saw people eating the shepherd's pie and that looked good too, just not something I really like.

            My 3 year old is well behaved and she loved the occasional train that passed by (we were seated right by the window). My 1 year old, is a 1 year old -- he sits and eats, and then he doesn't want to sit anymore. They were very nice, and it was as stress-free as it could be dining out with a 3 and 1 year old. We have it down though...we get in, we order, we eat, we leave.

            We have also taken them to Toyo in Mamaroneck. At around 6:00, there are a fair amount of families there.

            Someone recommended Chat 19 in Larchmont as a good place to bring kids, but I haven't really seen it mentioned on Chowhound. Any thoughts on Chat 19?

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              A lot of people like Chat so I may be in the minority but I think the food is pretty weak and although not "pricey" per se, not worth it for what it is - passable. As for kid-friendly, it's fine and the earlier definitely the better - it can get to be a bit of a "scene" the later it gets. Larchmont Tavern is very kid-friendly and good for burgers, sandwiches, etc.

              1. re: laylag

                Thanks, my husband is on a burger kick lately, so we will try Larchmont Tavern.

              2. re: valerie

                Wow, thank you to those of you who suggested Vallhalla Crossing. We've stopped there several times now on the way to the Berkshires, and loved it! It is very kid-friendly and has good grownup food too. I like the fact that it has interesting sandwiches and nicely flavorful entrees too - fits the bill most nights, whether we are in the mood for light casual fare or more traditional dinner food.

                1. re: valerie

                  The "Train Restaurant" at the Valhalla Train Station was great to entertain the kids. Fine pub food too.

                2. My suggestion is Piper's Kilt in Eastchester. The food is cheap & honest and the scene is very casual so a child that gets a little out of line will hardly be noticed. We also like Il Baccio in Bronxville. It gets very crowded so go early. The kids can have Pizza and the adults can enjoy some pretty good Italian food. Gelatto for dessert!