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Really good sushi for tonight with mom

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Was planning to just walk-in and wait for a seat at the bar at Kanoyama (have never been), but now she says she's willing to "go all out". Not sure if I'll get a reservation anywhere good, but figured it's worth a try. We want really good sushi and want to sit at the bar. Have been to Yasuda twice but never sat at the bar (but I know Yasuda doesn't work on Saturday nights- and would be booked anyways). Thinking about trying for Soto, Yasuda, Gari, 15 east or one of the others mentioned here a lot. Any recs?

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  1. I love Soto, but haven't been to any of the others that you mentioned. Try the cooked dishes at Soto too-- the citrus salmon is really fantastic, as is the minute tia (I'm not sure I have the name correct.)

    1. Been to Yasuda and Kumura Zushi and even Masa, but one of my favorites is Sushi Seki on the upper east side. Lots of reviews here if you search on the name. They take reservations, and if you can do the omakase at the bar, Chef Seki himself may take care of you!

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        I've been to Sushi Seki a number of times - particularly because they are open so late - and I'd go to Yasuda, Gari (Seki used to work at Gari) or 15 East over Seki. I just think the fish is that much better. I've not been to Kumura Zushi, but my husband thought it was about the same as Yasuda, though much more expensive.

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          I got a reservation for Sushi Ann tonight which isn't talked about much, but when it is, the reviews always seem positive. Any thoughts on how it compares to the others? Can't get a reservation at the bar at 15 East. Tried to call Ushi but there's no answer yet.

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            I'm afraid I've not been to Sushi Ann.

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              I got a reservation at the bar for Gari tonight. Anything I can't miss?

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                  The bar is best to sit-just order omakase-big bill-but sublime!!! Can I go with you???

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                    The oyster. Salmon with tomato. The carrot-miso group is also quite good but doesn't appear to be on the menu any more.

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                      What is the carrot-miso group? Haven't tried it. I love the salmon with tomato - both versions - wishing right now that I were inside their delivery zone - happens every time someone mentions Gari!

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                        It's more like carrot soup with miso flavoring. A puree type soup. Really good, simpler, and even my boyfriend who hates carrots thought it was amazing.

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                          Thanks - I'll have to see if it's available the next time we go - it's been awhile!

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                            Went tonight, did the omakase including the salmon with tomato which we both really enjoyed. Overall really enjoyed our meal although it is a completely different experience than Yasuda, for example.

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                  Ushi is not reopened yet, I saw Hideo several days ago.

                  Sushi Ann, while Japanese-run will probably disappoint you... all the others mentioned are much better. Go to Shimizu

            2. 15 East is great. Have to love the traditional Japanese setting and bar seating is great. Although on a Saturday night - maybe not so great. I was there a few weeks ago on a Thurs night and sat for two in an hour upon arrival (~8pm).

              In terms of food, I'd go raw, but the octopus is a nice cooked Japanese dish.

              Side note: the rice pudding is unique. Very interesting and in my opinion, a fine addition to the menu.


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                I couldn't get a seat at the sushi bar at 15 east, next time hopefully.

              2. If you strike out on the "all out" spots, head to Cube 63 and sit at the bar in the back. You can't go wrong. Remember this though: if you take a bottle of sake or wine or both, share with the brothers. You won't regret.