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Nov 3, 2007 11:21 AM

are there still butcher shops where they have real butchers with sawdust on the floor and freshly killed chickens hanging??


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  1. Great Western Fine Foods on 5th Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets. They have lamb and will order game. They are a good butcher shop. Also, Piazza Mercado on 3rd Avenue between 92nd and 93rd in Brooklyn. They have prime aged steaks, etc. I have to say, as far as I can remember I haven't seen a chicken hanging in the window of a butcher shop but there is a place in Bensonhurt, a chicken market,on 62nd Street off New Utrecht Avenue where you pick out your chicken. According to some religious customs you can butcher your own there so bring a sharp knife.

    1. I don't know the name or the exact address but there's an Italian owned butcher shop in Astoria on Broadway around 36th St off of Steinway (not Astoria Market which is Eastern European). It's truly Old World. Sawdust on the floor and a woman cashier in a booth. I remember this growing up in the 1950's. No fresh chickens hanging. At least four butchers behind the counter. Very low meat prices including a variety of inexpensive priced cheeses. It's close to D&F Italian Deli which is on 35th & Broadway.

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        i know this butchery, and no, they dont have chickens hanging, but yes they do have little calfs hanging.

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          It's K and T Meat Market on 3711 Broadway.

      2. There are a load of those in a stretch of Astoria; Italian, Greek and Arabic. One closed on 13th Avenue last year, but 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge still has one. Like what citygrrl posted, if you go to the one on New Utrecht or a load of the ones that are in Sunset then you can literally pick your chicken (and if it's Eid you can slit it's throat and drain it of blood. Mmmmm.)

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          I would bet, however, that the hanging unrefrigerated fresh chickens would no longer pass muster with the Health Dept.

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            It flies just fine at markets in the UK and I still see it quite a bit. They generally hang the boiling chickens. The butchers I've been going to here also have whole lamb carcasses which you have to avoid bumping into as you order. The only place close to that would be the halal spots around Sunset.

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              I remember seeing skinned rabbits hanging from an old world style butcher shop near Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. By the way, this was on my last outing there this past spring.

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                Boy, anybody have any idea where that's at? I would love a source for fresh rabbit, no doubt. Not surprised there's one up there, as a lot of old-time Italians really loved rabbit. I picked up a taste for it during my many years in Louisiana, and I'd love to eat it again regularly. Worth the trip up there if I can find the location.

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                  Although the rabbits are not hanging you can purchase fresh rabbit at Pacific Market at 75th St & Broadway and very reasonably priced. The 74th St subway station is just across the street.

                    1. re: Mike V

                      Almost every Asian market sells rabbit at a very reasonable around $2.99/lb, sometimes even less. Usually they are frozen or defrosted, sometimes they appear to be fresh. They are generally small, under 2.5 lbs, and don't have livers or kidneys. they do taste good though.....

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                        any places in particular you're talking about? Addresses? Thanks!

                    2. re: funkjester

                      The pork store midway down Arthur Ave has freshly killed rabbits as well as sheep.

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                        There are a few butchers in Belmont that sell rabbit (and usually have several different animals hanging in the window as well). Biancardi's on Arthur Ave near the market is our favorite. Great butchers, excellent meat (particularly their veal and stuffed pork chops), and always something to snack on while you're waiting. Not sure about the chickens, though - there used to be a live poultry market on Arthur, but it closed some years ago.

                2. There are several Live Poultry shops around Queens. There is one on 37th ave in Woodside (a block or two from Sapori D'Ischia), there is one I saw in Corona (don't remember exact location) and there is one in Flushing (around College point blvd, close to Home Depot - but I'm not sure about this one, it's either my memory confusing me with the Corona store or there is one there indeed). Live chickens beat the freshly killed ones for sure if you can bear the stench of the slaughterhouse.
                  Next freshest chicken to the live poultry shop, would be any of the Halal butchers, they have a very picky clientelle so their chicken is usually the freshest.

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                    A agree about Halal chickens. I purchase both fresh & cooked at Trade Fair in JH's. The cooked Halal chickens cost just $1 more and worth it.

                  2. Staubitz in Cobble Hill is basically like that. Paisano's on Smith isn't far behind.