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Nov 3, 2007 11:21 AM

looking for thai in pasadena that's not too sweet

when i lived in w. hollywood i used to go to chao krung on fairfax for thai. people on this board seem to find it mediocre but i enjoyed it b/c their dishes aren't too sweet, a problem i have with thai food in general.

i now live in pasadena and have gone to saladang song and presidentwo and find them to be too sweet. specifically their pad see ew, thom kha gai, and papaya salad. anyone have any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. Hmm I don't know what's too sweet or not because I don't normally order those at Thai restaurant (I usually go for prik king or something like that :P )

    All I can tell you is other Thai restaurants in Pasadena. There's Chandra on Arroyo that's pretty good.


    1. I have to echo burumun on not knowing what's "sweet" or not, but you could also give Taste of Bangkok a try. It was one of my favorite lunch spots when I worked on South Lake.


      A Taste of Bangkok
      924 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

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        i suppose describing "too sweet" according to my personal meter is something that's difficult to get across. when i mean sweet i detect a lingering and cloying taste in my mouth. amost feels like i ate candy versus savory. and really i think it's me and thai food. i have a problem with it's sweetness in general.

      2. Sorry I can't really help, but just wanted to say thanks for expressing what I've found to be the case with all Pasadena area Thai restaurants - what's with the too-sweet, anyway? I don't think it's just you and Thai food; I rarely encounter that problem with Hollywood-area Thai places, but it seems endemic to Pasadena. Especially Saladang Song - I just don't get the appeal of that place.

        After 7 years in the NELA/SGV area, I've concluded that the closest not-too-sweet Thai is to be had at Mae Ploy in Silverlake. Somebody please set me straight if I'm wrong :)