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Nov 3, 2007 11:11 AM

Myrna's coming to Greenwich

Passed by a sign that said "Myrna's Mediterranean Food" is coming. It's on Putnam, next to Barcelona. It says they have another location in Stamford. Is it good?

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  1. Yes, quite good. Mostly Lebanese, with some Greek dishes. I think they do the small dishes best: lamb sausages, hummus w/meat, grape leaves, kibbe. In particular, the kibbe. Also a good chopped parsley and feta salad (can't remember the name). Good to get a bunch and share. Service is casual, but very friendly.

    The Stamford restaurant is very small, barely larger than takeout. That spot in Greenwich seems larger, maybe they'll do something bigger with the menu also.

    1. Myrna's is on East Main St in Stamford and is an area favorite. They were having a celebration at the Stamford location today (free samples!), but I did not stop in to see the cause.

      Definitely a place worth checking out.