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Nov 3, 2007 11:11 AM

Olathe: Where restaurants go to die...

Last week I posted that Pegah's has closed. :( This week I noticed that Johnny Carino's and Fuddruckers both at 119th and Blackbob have both closed. No huge loss on the last two, just thought that I would mention it. Of course, they are still building new places at 119th on the other side of I-35...In addition to Longhorn's and Jason's Deli I heard that Houlihan's is going in. How many chains does one city need?

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  1. Amy, did you ever hear why Pegah's closed? Have not been to either of the other two to ask anyone.

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    1. re: GiGiWy

      No...I can only assume that it was because business was slow. We ate there several times a month and the place was always less than half full. There was never a wait. It may have been a location issue. Everything is moving to 119th, I don't think most people stay on Santa Fe for dining or entertainment anymore.

    2. I live in Olathe. Way too many chains here and very few indies. Last time we were at Garozzo's on a Friday night it was barely half full.

      Fudruckers just opened, surprised to see them close so soon. Ate at Corino's once, worst "Italian" food ever, good riddence.

      I miss Pegha's

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      1. re: chileheadmike

        Carino's was marginal at best. We used to live in Texas near one and after the first time we tried it I swore that I would never go back. I have some friends here who loved the place and so I went along when it was their turn to choose a restaurant (the sacrifices we make for our non-foodie friends). I found the chopped salad to be edible, but that is about it. I might choose it over Olive Garden or Carabba's (both nearby the 119th and Blackbob intersection).

        I think that Fuddrucker's is marginal, but the one time I went the place was packed for lunch.

        I feel the same way about the indies in Olathe. We have quite a drive if we want to avoid a chain. Maybe that is why Applebee's is building it's new mothership at College and Renner...

        1. re: amy_rc

          We were looking for a place to eat after church today. Drove past Perkins not really considering it, but there was a giant line of people waiting to get in. We continued West on Santa Fe and lamented Pegah's closing. Mom's was crazy busy too, no getting in there for a while. My brilliant daughter suggested the Mexican Restaurant just South of the JoCo jail, Mariscos Veracruz.

          Three other families in there, no waiting. The menu is heavy on the seafood, but has lots of pork, beef and chicken too. A section for tortas, caldos (beef, shrimp and octopus, etc), tostadas of ceviche, carnitias, deshebrada etc. My oldest daughter had chicken tacos, I had cabeza (head), my youngest daughter had chicken nuggets. The chicken tacos were served on two grilled, soft corn tortillas, shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato and cheese, served with lime. My cabeza were the same grilled tortillas with chopped meat, diced onion and cilantro, again served with lime wedges.

          Our server was super friendly, asked if I knew what cabeza was and if I was sure I wanted it. He mentioned that he liked the lengue (tongue) better. We noticed a bottle of coke on one of the other tables and I asked him if it was Mexican coke. He said, "Yes, no corn syrup, a lot of people come in here just for that". We bought a couple of bottles to go. They also have Inca Kola.

          On the way back we passed the chain row in front of the giant mall, all with people hanging out the doors. Only a few blocks away sat open tables at a truly great restaurant with real food.

          1. re: chileheadmike

            Thanks for the rec! I have never had Mexican Coke...sounds interesting. And, I love tortas.

            1. re: chileheadmike

              Did you notice if they serve huachinango a la Veracruzana (typically a whole red snapper)?

              1. re: Aaron Deacon

                I don't think so, I'm definately going back soon and will double check.

                1. re: chileheadmike

                  Maybe not so soon? Ha. Anyway, no, no snapper, but they do a mojarra (tilapia) a la Veracruzana. We opted for the whole fried fish with garlic butter sauce instead.

                  The tilapia was a worthwhile dish, perhaps a touch fishy for my taste, but I still had no problem polishing off my half. The garlic sauce was very buttery.

                  We also ordered some [i]chiles rellenos[/i], which I generally shy away from as they’re so often overgreased and overcheesed. Here, however, (while not exactly light) the frying was done with a delicate hand, the chiles themselves were fresh and bright tasting, and, the cheese filling was complemented by what appeared to be stewed beef.

                  The table salsas here are excellent, both rather thick and full bodied, both in texture and flavor. The green had a lot of tomatillo tartness and good heat, while the red was thick and tasted (the French again) particularly European in spicing. And the chips had a very pleasant, thick, corny crunch.

                  Posted a couple pics on the KC forum:


                2. re: Aaron Deacon

                  The whole red snapper is good at Rice and Beans Cafe in Kansas City, Kansas.

          2. So where do we eat in Olathe? My hubby and I are on the search for a great weekend breakfast. Tried Pegah's. Been to Mom's. Found Nima's way out on 7 Highway this weekend. Is there any decent indie breakfast east of I-35 in Olathe?

            I will certainly check out Mariscos Veracruz. Do you know if they serve breakfast?

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            1. re: larkspurKC

              For basic breakfast there is Old 56 Family restaurant @ 56 higway and K7 just north of the great mall. Really good basic breakfasts, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, omlettes. Clean place with friendly service. We go there a lot.

              MV has a sign in the window that advertises breakfast, we didn't see a breakfast menu though.

            2. Sonic on Santa Fe a casualty of the recession? I have never seen a Sonic close.

              Also, sadly, Sushi House on 119th in Olathe--gone. Not that I'm too surprised about this one. I loved it and was a regular but it was never more than half full. Great quality sushi, just too costly for Olathe.

              I can't believe how many places have gone out across the street at 119th and Blackbob. McAlister's Deli, Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, Hu Hot, Gimmie Sum (now Tannah's)--all from the same strip mall area as Fuddrucker's and Carino's.

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              1. re: amy_rc

                Gimmie Sum didn't go out of business. The owners dropped the chain franchise and changed the name to Tannah's.

                That area has way to many chain restaurants, but at least Fudruckers was replaced with what I think is a much better burger chain, 5 guys.

                Fudruckers only has one location in Kansas - in Overland Park.

                1. re: KansasTravel

                  I discovered that big Bubba's had closed, when I went there for lunch today.

                  Not a big loss to me as a customer, but I still hate to see a business fold and jobs lost.

                    1. re: amy_rc

                      Big Bubba's was a BBQ at 151st and Mur-Len Road in Olathe. It was there at least 5 years, after moving from a location closer to Olathe South High School.

                      I was in Smokin's Joe's BBQ in Olathe today and heard that Bubba's had closed about a week before Christmas.

                      Joe's was almost empty today. Less than a quarter the number of customers that I usually see there during lunch. I'm afraid we are going to be losing many more restuarants.

              2. Pings closed @ 409 E. Santa Fe Olathe Ks.