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Nov 3, 2007 11:06 AM

Vegas "landmark" restaurant?

Help - what's the name of the coffee shop-like place that's been around since the 70s (tho they apparently ruined it with updated decor)?

Worth a visit? We'd be going more for the atmosphere than the food.

Thanks for the great tips for LV eats. We've got a reservation at Bouchon, and are planning to try Lotus of Siam, maybe dim sum for bruch, sunset drinks at Mix.

Any other suggestions welcome! We're there for 3 days, don't have a car, and Bouchon is probably the most expensive place we'll get to. After reading about LOS maybe we should just have all our meals there.

We're 4 women from San Fran, DC and Manhattan, so we're used to good food -- looking for suggestions that are particularly "Vegas"-y, if there are any left.


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  1. not sure when they opened, it sounds like you are talking about the Peppermill...personally, i don't think the place is "ruined" but understand, it's a basic place - large real stand outs - the fruit plate is enough for all of you - comes with a mini-loaf with a marshmallow topping...tasty, the's better in the summer...

    vegas-y...hmmmm...this could mean many things - if you mean nostalgia - then i suggest either andre's in downtown, pamplemousse on sahara, i have not been to michael's since it moved to southpointe but that might also work..if you mean "the scene" then you have tao, n9ne, mix, stack...among others....for good food and a scene...i recommend n9ne at the palms

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      The Bootlegger on Las Vegas Blvd. S. It old time Vegas Italian....
      Been around since the 40's.
      They feature some great entertainment! and classic Italian specialties.....

    2. Hugo's Cellar without a doubt. You can imagine the Rat Pack sitting there.

      1. Call me crazy but for "old Vegas" type feel I really enjoy the Golden Steer on Sahara about 1/2 a block west of the Strip. Great escargot and tableside caesar salad. Not to mention the cherries jubilee and bananas foster.

        1. You're certainly thinking of the Peppermill. I don't think they really ruined it with updated decor; they updated the decor once in the mid 80s and it hasn't changed since. "The fruit salad" (apparently that's what to say when you order it; one time my mom went and got something different from what I got) is certainly enough for an early breakfast for four. When it arrives, it looks like someone put Carmen Miranda's hat on your table. Truly an unforgettable experience.

          I wish I could find coffee like the Peppermill's anywhere here in Phoenix, theirs is just the best.

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          1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

            Thank you all! Pepermill is the place I was thinking of - and the other old - and new - Vegas recs are much appreciated!

            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              Actually, the color scheme is radically different in the coffee shop -- it now looks like a flock of blue macaws lost their feathers at the same time. But the booths remain. There are also many video monitors in the bar area -- not a plus, from my standpoint. The bathrooms, always tiny and a weak point, have been (very slightly) upgraded.

              But the vibe is still the same. Got to love the Peppermill.

            2. Even if you only stop in for drinks, the Golden Steer must be seen to be believed. It's gorgeous inside. Treasures await, seriously.