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Nov 3, 2007 11:02 AM

Report- Metro Kathmandu on Divis

Four of us went the other night. We had a nice experience, the interior and layout (remodel) is much better than the previous restaurant Metro Cafe.

East meets West influences- creative flavors on dishes that are traditional or called the same thing at other Indian restaurants, but more Nepalese cuisine.

We ordered -
Pickled Daikon - nice not too over powering (complimentary)
Chicken Momos-Steamed dumplings stuffed with chicken, curry spice, onion, garlic, and ginger (served with sesame-tomato chutney).

Samosa- Excellent and perfect batter ratio
Minced potatoes and green peas (served on riata and tamarind chutney)

Lamb Chhoila- beautiful small slices that was juicy and tender
Spicy lamb tossed with oil, ginger, and garlic, chili pepper

Shrimp Masala - creamy and rich very flavorful
Shrimp cooked with a creamy butter tomato sauce.

Vegetable Korma - very different sauce and flavor than other Indian places, this was excellent -seasonal vegetables cooked with coconut milk and

Paratha - So GOOD! Buttery, a bit dense great flavor
Chicken Saag- tasty

ALSACE, FRANCE- this was perfect with the food, drier and less fruity.

Pretty nice wine list, you can BYOW for 15.00 corkage two bottle min.

Overall this was a nice spot for four people to have a conversation over flavorful dishes to share. Not huge portions but intense flavors that were filling. The service was perfect.

Two bottles of wine and all the above- $136.00

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  1. I've had the chicken momoss, paratha and the chicken saag from there. Paratha and momos good (if a bit skimpy on the sauce), but when I had the chicken saag it was all spinach and maybe two tiny, tiny pieces of chicken.

    1. I like the veggie momos, saag paneer, paratha, pistachio kulfi, and the carrot-cardamon cake. Next time, I'll order the goat, too.

      1. Hi, I was there this weekend and enjoyed it. We had the goat curry (requested spicy) and it was very tender and flavorful, but not exactly high on heat. Also tried the shrimp masala (creamy and tasty), the saag paneer (also very tasty and creamy), roti, paratha, samosas, and crab momos (very delect wrappers). The goat and the saag were my favorites. It seems like a nice place to go when you don't want something too expensive but would still like to enjoy good food, nice wine, and decent ambiance.