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Nov 3, 2007 10:47 AM

Marmalade cake company vs. Its the Icing on the cake

I am having a cake made for my boyfriend with a fancy design on it and have gotten quote from both of these companies that are exactly the same price. So, from anyones experiecne with either company can you recommend either over the other? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I haven't had any experience with Its the Icing on the Cake, but I've been a long time customer of Helen (Marmalade Cake Company). She's done a number of cakes for me including a Toronto Argonauts themed cake (she'll know who I am by that reference) and lots of cookies. I've found Helen's cakes to be superb. Plus she's the type of person who is genuinely excited by challenging her with unique designs. I whole heartedly recommend Helen and have done so in the past. Everyone that I have recommended her to have been extremely satisfied with her work. Hope that this helps in your decision!

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      thanks for the reply kiwi, that definetly does help, where exactly is she located (if I were to pick the cake up)?

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        She's down in Roncesvalles, assuming she hasn't moved in the past few years.

    2. I don't have experience with It's the Icing on the Cake, but would recommend Shirley's Sweet Creations ( over Marmalade. I just found the icing on Marmalade's cakes to be a little too oily, and (seemingly) not made with butter.

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        Marmalade's icings are made with genuine Italian meringue buttercream, deelish! It is unsalted butter whipped into meringue, not oily at all and deliciously not gooey sweet. She makes cakes for our family all the time. (Haven't tried others, so I can't say. We got her number after actually enjoying a slice of wedding cake for the first time in a decade!) She is a doll though, great to work with and fun and creative.

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          1. I know this post was made a long time ago, but in case anyone else is searching for info on Marmalade Cake Company, I wanted to report a rather annoying negative experience I had with them.

            Anastasia was extremely difficult to get a hold of by both email and phone, and after a month of waiting for responses from her, we picked up a box of samples because she was too busy to schedule an appointment with us. We weren't happy with the cake, so we decided to book with another company. A month later, she contacted me claiming we now owed her for the tasting - something she had never mentioned before. I honestly don't mind paying for the samples, but she should have been upfront about it.

            What I want to warn people about is not that you might have to pay for samples (that seems very reasonable to me), but that the level of customer service and communication is terrible - at least, this was my experience.

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              hm thanks for the advice. On a side note, I had a great experience with its the icing on the cake. What were you not happy about with the samples?