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Nov 3, 2007 09:48 AM

Eating at A and M

For the next few weekends I will be working in College Station. Any food recs of any kind out there? Thanks , Joe

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  1. This will probably get moved to the Texas board, but here are some recs from an alum:

    Christophers: probably the best of only a few upscale dining spots in town

    Square One: groovy little cafe in newly revitalized downtown Bryan

    Fitzwilly's: best food on Northgate, imo. Cheap beer, pretty tasty and cheap burgers, and great wings

    Blue Baker: Sandwich and soup shop with all homemade breads. Their attention to detail in the breadmaking is noticable and impressive. We always take a few loaves home with us when we go back to visit.

    If you're looking for MPH-style chowhounding, take an afternoon drive around Bryan. There are countless little Mexican dives.

    Best of luck!

    1. chicken fried bacon at sodalak's in nearby snook

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        Agree with jwynne's recs. Would add to the list Antonio's Pizza by the Slice on Northgate, Cafe Eccell, Cenare for Italian, Fargo's Pit BBQ in Bryan, Fritella for casual Italian, Jin's on Northgate for Chinese, and Los Nortenos in downtown Bryan for BYOB Mexican.

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          Thanks everyone. I did originally post this in the Austin group because of the expectation that people in Austin probably go to CS/Bryan frequently enough to have some suggestions. J.

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            I definitely end up back there 4 - 5 times a year. Please post back with any finds! I'd love to know about any places I've missed.

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              Spent my first week end in B/CS. I am staying on South 6, south of Harvey Mitchell. The desk clerk at the hotel sent me to a T.Jin's which was south of the hotel. Not the Jin's I was looking for. A smallish very informal place with, imo, quite medocre food at the very best. Am planning to eat at Christopers next week end and then Jin's the next night. There are two Jin's I notice but donaaries reccommended the one on Northgate. Any other opinions. BTW, my techincian insisted I go to Dixie Chicken, a college j'int on University. Am sure all you Aggies are intimately familiar with it. It was cool. I had the Fred's hamburger which, surprisingly, was pretty good. Beer selection was lame,however.FYI, they allow smoking in there which is quite the contrast from Austin. I didn't care because I like to have a beer and cigar. All in all a good time, lot's of coeds with their short skirts and boots on but quite a variety of people otw. Even got flashed a pair of horns, surreptitiously of course by a lady at the next table. Hook 'em.

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                Single Malt, all the Jin's are owned by the same owners. The one on Northgate is cheaper and good for a quick lunch. If you didn't like T Jin's out in south College Station, you might not like Jin's on Northgate either. It's not spectacular Chinese food by any means, but for College Station standards, it's one of the best Chinese places. If you do end up going to Jin's on Northgate, try the Mongolian beef. That was typically my safe lunch order.

                If you liked the Dixie Chicken, then also try Chicken Oil Co., brother restaurant to the Dixie Chicken. The atmosphere is unique (it used to be a gas station a long time ago) and it’s the kind of place you’d expect to find in College Station.

                For good beer selection, try Pat O'Banion's (O'Bannon's?) on Northgate. It's an Irish pub kinda place. I don't believe they serve food, though.

                A resource that might be useful for you:
                has lots of restaurant menus for the B/CS area.

      2. Anything new to report back? I'll be rolling through B/CS on my way home for Thanksgiving and may need a meal on the way.

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          CHRISTOPHER'S: Went to this place last Friday night. It was very crowded since it was on a Friday night but I had reservations so I got a small table to myself in the front dining room where the bar and the piano are. No problem for me since it was less conspicous. The menu looks good with an impressive variety of meats and fish. Ordered the creme brulee fois gras and for the main dish the pastramied salmon. With the appetizer I had a glass of some kind of champagne and with the salmon had a glass of Sancerre which worked out pretty good.

          The appetizer was okay. I do not know loads about fois gras but I do know it does not taste what it tasted like in Frawnce. Not too surprised. Thought it was a littlle milld in flavor, perhaps something in addition to fois gras was in it to cut it some. The creme brulee topping went well with it overall. The chanpagne, imho, was a good compliment.

          Don't know what kind of salmon they used and forgot to ask but it had a decent flavor, probably farm salmon, was moist, flakey and not overcooked. The sauce was a white sauce with pastrami seasoning, whatever that is, and complimented the salmon and veggies. The sides were a blend of butternut squash and mashed potatos, spinach cooked just right, not stringy and soggy but each leaf was intact. The small helping of beans and rice was in the same style I had in Costa Rica and probably more like a Cagan style. Not too impressed. Along with that was a baked tomato half with parmesan melted on top.

          Altogether a good meal, solid, ample and satisfying. On the basis of Austin restuarants I would give it 3/5 stars.

          The restuarant itself was sort of bordello style with heavy furnishings and red fabric draped over the top of the high backed booths ( at least in the DR I was in.). The server told me she had been there a month, coming here from S. Carolina and until she went to work there she had never heard of fois gras. Nonetheless,she was southern friendly, attentive and very pleasant.

          The clientele was all kinds, young and old, dolled up and in jeans and boots. No need to dress up here, but if you do you will not feel out of place. Passed on dessert.

          A young couple that sat next to me heard me discussing the fois gras and asked how it was. The guy is a caterer there and told me about a couple of other places to go, viz., Veritas and The Republic. He said The Republic had good monkfish.

          On the way back to the hotel I went by Veritas to check it out and have a drink. It was packed with all kinds including middle aged guys in there gimme caps. There menu is tapas style, small plates, sushi. The dishes seemed fairly expensive to me considering the size of some of them I saw, e.g., $22 for a small plate and I had just paid 20 for my salmon. I was going to go back and try it this Friday night but I finished my work there last week end. Would be interested in hearing anyone else's take on Veritas since I may go back again in a few weeks, Ditto, The Republic.

          Went to Chicken Oil Co. Saturday night for a burger and fries and was quite disappointed. Nothing tasted fresh. The bun did not taste fresh and the meat had slight freezer taste. The place was practically vacant. Prefer Dixie Chicken's burgers.

          That's it for eating in A and M for now. Thank you for your attention.