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Nov 3, 2007 08:23 AM

Quest for beef and salmon

Since I had such great answers to my semi-recent duck question (Very helpful, by the way! Thank you!), I thought I would give you guys a new challenge, or two!

I'm in search for grass fed beef. I've been reading everywhere about how healthy it is (compared to corn-fed beef), but its nowhere to be seen. I've asked two butchers in the West-Island only to be looked at like I was crazy. Is there anywhere in Montreal to get it? Or is Canadian beef already grass fed? (As opposed to American corn fed beef?)

And while you're at it, another question for you guys - does anyone have a reliable supplier of wild salmon? (As opposed to farmed?) The metro near my house only seems to sell farmed.

Again, the west-island is my first choice, but I'm willing to travel if needed (within the island!).

Thanks for your time!


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  1. I've bought wild salmon at Jean-Talon market at the fish shop whose name escapes me ... it is a few shops up from Porc Meilleur, the pasta shop, that area. You should be able to locate good grass-fed beef at the market as well. And consider trying bison/buffalo meat, which is also a great alternative to corn-fed beef. Again, available at the market.

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      I'm not certain about the availability of grass fed beef at JTM. Organic does not equal grass-fed and normally if beef is grass-fed it is labeled as such. I am also on the lookout for grass-fed beef and have not come across it (although I have not performed an exhaustive search. If anyone could name a store I would appreciate it.

      I think the fish store is called Atkins. Very nice quality.

      1. re: Plateaumaman

        I passed by the fish store yesterday - it is called Aqua Mare and they didn't have any wild salmon. Oh well. I picked up some frozen bison boulettes at the other end of the market. Pretty sure they don't eat corn!

      2. You can order grass fed beef from Morgan Farms -
        There are also some spots in the city that sell it for them - all of the info is on their web site.

        1. Thank you! That's a big help! I'll be sure to check those places out.

          1. Howdy!

            For the wild salmon I'd suggest calling Sau-Mom
   I don't know for certain, but if anyone was going to have it, I would guess that they would.

            1. The Poissonerie Atwater usually has wild salmon on Fridays.