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Nov 3, 2007 05:33 AM

Italian in Providence?

I'll be stopping by Providence for a night and I'm craving some amazing Italian food. I did a quick search on the board and I was really surprised by the lack of Italian restaurant recommendations.

The only one I came across one suggestion that was Mediterraneo. Do you have any other suggestions?


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  1. We had an amazing dinner at Bacaro last night - authentic Italian. I have also heard good things about Constantino's and Siena.

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      I'm surprised you found nothing in a search on the boards for Providence Italian, as there's been a ton of discussion... Search for Federal Hill, as that might narrow down your search. Others have already posted good suggestions, but I'm very fond of Siena on Atwell's Ave on Federal Hill. Outstanding food, but the place is a bit loud, so it's not where to do if you're looking for hushed conversation...

      Quick question about Bacaro... I'd held off going due to some pretty stinging reviews after it first opened about average food, poor service, and a somewhat arrogant/entitled attitude of staff... Has it improved?

      - Garris

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        About Bacaros- maybe I should start a new thread but we did have an excellent dinner there on Friday night.
        We had a sample of chiccetti as appetizers - all very authentic Italian with Prosecco. I had the poached pear salad and the table had a sampling of pizzas and entrees. Dessert was excellent. We thought the service was excellent. It did seem that there were many waitstaff. I had seen the negative comments about their service and wondered if they were trying to improve by hiring more people. We will definately be back.

    2. Stroll along Atwells Ave in Federal Hill -- the Little Italy of Providence. It's rich with great delis, restaurants, and pastry shops, a cute little square with a fountain. Mediterraneo is great, and I've heard raves about Zooma too although I haven't been there yet. Pick up some goodies at Roma or Venda's to bring home. You might want to try one of the desserts at Pastiche too! :) Enjoy.

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        Zooma's lounge is a lot of fun....great drinks, some unique choices, and great "bistro food". The restaurant has very good Italian food as well, but I don't think anything that distinguishes itself from the other Italian places on the hill.

        Camille's (also on Federal Hill) has great contemporay Italian. Although I'm still partial to the "old" Camilles....