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Nov 3, 2007 04:23 AM

Taillevent for lunch

We will be in Paris in the spring, and am wondering about the appropiateness of havng two older (13 and 10) children with us for lunch at Taillevent. The kids are adventuresome eaters for the most part. Also am I correct in thinking that the dress code is a suit and tie (and female equivalent) ? Thanks for your help.

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  1. I was ther in May for lunch, my husband wore a jacket, no tie and it was fine. No one was dressed to the nines, there were business men in suits, tourists in slacks, I wore black dress slacks and a dressy shirt, it was fine. I am sure your kids would be fine. We had the 70 euro lunch with wine, it ran us about $350.00 dollars.

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      Sadly, there does not appear to be a suit and tie requirement even for dinner. We had dinner there two nights ago, and saw a number of men without ties, even a few with shirtails out and one too many buttons undone. At least they managed to put on a coat (although for all I know, they may have been supplied by the restaurant). My guess is that money talks.

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        Its too bad some folks don't know how to dress for "nice" places, but that doesn't mean one shouldn't get "dressed up!"

    2. Kids are no problem if they can be patien enough through the lunch, (or if you feel confident letting them play outside if they are not). My little girl is 7 and she is happy to join for three-stars meals, though maybe not tasting menus. And I am sure M. Vrinat will be happy too. In general, kids are welcome in French restaurants -- I just had a lunch at Roellinger and a couple was there with their 3y old, they had a baby chair for him, brought some toys and papers and pencils.

      1. Though I don't know the extent of any dress code at Taillevent, I do think that a jacket is required. I was feeling warm so I tried to take off my jacket during a meal there and was asked to keep it on. They did, however, very nicely help me to take off my cardigan, and I didn't think twice about it for the rest of the meal.