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Nov 3, 2007 03:55 AM

When/where to buy cardoon?

A few years ago I bought some cardoon in little Italy but I forget the details of when and where. It is a delicious vegetable that I would like to try again. Does anyone know when it is in season, and where it might be carried?

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  1. Publication: Swiss News
    Article Excerpt
    Cardoon season is shifting into gear in Geneva--December is when the 'Reserve your fresh cardoons for the holidays!' signs start appearing at market stalls, and pyramids of jars and cans of the prepared vegetable are piled high in stores.

    For many Genevois, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without 'cardons au gratin'--stock-cooked cardoons, oven-browned in a bechamel sauce with grated cheese--served with roast turkey or chicken.


    1. I asked the folks at Harvest Wagon on Yonge and they said to wait until Christmas time.

      1. I just saw them yesterday at Galati on Leslie near Finch

        1. Longo's--cheaper than the Summerhill Pirates, too.

          1. Thanks for the tips, all - looks liked I asked at the right time. If anyone has a recipe they would like to share, feel free!