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Nov 3, 2007 12:41 AM

Anyone know where to get wedding mini cakes in LA?


I am getting married and love the idea of hading wedding mini cakes (the tiered kind w/fondant)....anyone know of any good places that make them for less than five dollars each? I know cupcakes would be cheaper but not big on that idea...I am even willing to drive to the IE or any other surrouding areas (within a 2 hour drive). LEt me know if u know of anything as my googling has not produced results! :-) Thanks!

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    1. I know Jin patisserie does something like that but not sure how much they cost. Also, try Jamaica Cakes (west L.A.) and Vanilla Bakery (Santa Monica). Not sure if the latter two do something like that but I *think* they might. Good luck!

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        Yes, Jin Patisserie would do that but they are pretty expensive generally, especially if you want them tiered ...

        You can try calling Porto's in Glendale, I know they do wedding caterings and such and they are quite cheap and they have very good cakes, but then not too sure if they make mini tiered cakes. If you have a big enough order they probably will?


      2. You don't want fondant on a mini cake. Try for Marzian (which would seriously hurt a nut allergic person) or chcolate "clay" (in white or milk or dark)

        Les than $5 for a mini wedding cake-REAl tiered cake with fondant- is going to be neigh near impossible. Cakes by Laura does minis, but they start at $100.

        Helena Wirth is a good baker, she MIGHT do it.

        You want these as favors..not one cake per person, but one per table, right? Because one per person would be so tiny small, you just won't get anyone to do it. Too much fine detail work and $5 wouldn't cover the labor.

        I would seriously give Ledette from Leda's bake shop a call. Maybe she would put fondant or marzipan on her mini cupcakes? Seriously, though, her mini cupcakes are so cute and elegant, and are only $1.50 each normally-and extra $0.25 per cake (?) for custom decor! I bet you could get her to do some really cute designs, and your guests would be thrilled. I've even seen her do a wedding set up with tiered plates, wither all of cupcakes, or of a small cake on top and cupcakes on the tiers below! She's so nice, give her a try!

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