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MSP: Best Eggs Benedict??

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looking for quality and variety

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  1. I really like the Crab Cake Benedict at Longfellow Grill. They are very rich, a once a year treat for me.

    My cafeteria at work has decent ones too, but probably not what you were looking for.

    1. I really like the Eggs Benedict at Al's Breakfast. I don't eat this dish very often, so when I do, it must be fab. Al's bennie sauce is really tart and lemony. Yum.


      Al's Breakfast
      413 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

      Longfellow Grill
      2990 W River Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55406

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        I'm not sure what you'd be looking for in terms of variety when it comes to benedicts, but I'll second Anne's recommendation for Al's--I love their hollandaise.


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          I third the recommendation. I only eat eggs benedict at Al's (which means I'm limited to maybe once or twice a year, if that, since I'm not from MSP). You won't get variety, but where else can you get a side wally blue to go along with your eggs benedict? I love their hollandaise, and the English muffins are crisped just right! And the egg is nice and runny, too.

        2. I just notice Craftsman offers eggs benedict for their Sunday brunch. Anyone tried it?



          1. I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet, but the Bison Benedict @ Hell's Kitchen. Comes with a tangerine-jalapeno hollandaise that is delightful.

            I'm not a fan of the eggs benny, but this one was good enough for me to want more.


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              second the hell's kitchen bison benny. also make a point to order benny when it's on the brunch menu at lucia's. don't order it that often/have no desire to order at other places, though i would definitely be intrigued to try the craftsman version mentioned by TDQ, though have no idea when the opportunity will next arise. . .

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                I loved the Crab Cake with Poached Egg (Benedict) ay Hell's.

            2. I had really good eggs benedict at Hot Plate. I had a little bit of a cold, but they still tasted great!

              Hot Plate
              5204 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417

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                Sounds like a quest!

                I'm not a benedict fan myself, but my eyes popped out when I saw what was being served at the Monte Carlo.

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                  Not fancy, but I like the Egg's Benedict at Sunny Side Up cafe. They also serve it with home fries and more hollandaise sauce.

              2. It's been a while, but I've had some wonderful eggs benedict (both a classic and a non-traditional version) at Bon Vie.

                Bon Vie
                518 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55102

                1. I love Eggs Benedict! I had a lovely rendition at Zumbro Cafe today. The eggs were perfectly poached, resting atop a nicely toasted baguette with a slice of ham. The sauce was rather light, not heavy at all. Plus it came with two thin spears of asparagus--bonus!

                  1. Mark - eggs benedict is my favorite breakfast food ever. The best one -hands down (traditional variety) is Bon Vie on Selby in St Paul. I normally wouldn't pay $11 for it (without a starch side) but it's the best. I've had benny at Longfellow, Highland, Edina Grill, Good Day and Day by Day Cafe, Hot Plate (which I do like as an establishment), Muffuletta, Nicollet Island, and some others. The best is Bon Vie.

                    1. Make that 3 votes for Bon Vie. I generally avoid this dish at restaurants, for all of the obvious reasons. Bon Vie's is perfect everytime. As for variety, I believe that generally have the standard version and one other on the menu. Last time I was there I had the smoked salmon benedict with dill hollandaise - it was money.

                      1. Of places I've tried recently, I have two thumbs up and one thumb down.

                        Thumbs up to French Meadow Bakery. The meat is Black Forest ham, charred on the grill before serving. The sauce is a roasted tomato hollandaise. Eggs benedict is served with a nice side salad with a tart vinaigrette. I also recommend ordering their nicely crispy hash browns if you're a big eater.

                        Thumbs up also to Turtle Bread. The benedict is served on a thick slab of brioche, with ham and a nicely lemony hollandaise. Side dish options are a side salad or Parmesan-dusted potato wedges.

                        Thumbs down to Barbette. The benedict is OK, but the hollandaise is skimpy and lacks much flavor. The side salad is good. It's not awful, but there are better options in town.

                        1. Has anyone tried Fat Nat's? They understand yolk consistency.

                          Manny's has a short-rib bennie.
                          20.21 has a bennie with a pastrami-hash.
                          Zumbro uses striato toast.

                          1. This month, Birchwood is serving their version of Eggs Bennie at their Sunday Brunch:

                            Smoked Salmon, Roasted Red Pepper & Sautéed Arugula on Roasted Shallot and Watercress Scones with Lemon Dill Hollandaise & 2 Poached Eggs. With Mixed Greens & Fresh Fruit Garnish.

                            Has it on Sunday and it was just awesome!