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Nov 2, 2007 10:20 PM

November 2007 - Grocery Outlet

Ocean Spray jellied cranberry sauce - 3 (16 oz) cans for $1. Expiration date 01/08.

Enough said.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Ok, not enough said ... but that is one good price. I put my Ocean Spray HFCS prejudice aside because ... hey, it tastes good and THREE CANS FOR A DOLLAR.

    Other interesting stuff

    Planters organic nuts (peanuts, cashews and almonds or a mix of all three) $1.29 for 6 oz. Expiration date Nov 25, 2007.

    Healthy Choice smoked ham (6 oz) 3 for $1 ... this might have been a Petaluma special as the expiration date was 11/01.

    Lean Cuisine frozen entrees - $1.99 ... didn't check expiration dates.

    Martinelli sparkling apple juice $1.49

    Shelf stable LaLa quart of milk - 50 cents. Expiration date Dec 17 2007. Ok, I bought one of these but haven't tried it yet cuz ... 50 cents for a quart of milk. Will report back if it is any good.

    A few holdovers from last month

    - 1 lb Land O Lakes butter $2.49

    - Olave Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Chile,500 ml for $3.99 per bottle.. Here's last month's positive report

    - Kirana EVOO from Morroco 500 ml for $3.99. Who'd think they have two olive oils at that size/price. I didn't note the name and picked this up by accident. Not bad. Strong olive taste with a little hint of bitter.

    - Tyson frozen whole roasted chickens $1.99. Parts (wings, legs, breasts 99 cents - $1.99)

    Not sure if some stores had these last month but there are lots of inexpensive olive oils

    - 8oz Star Toscano and California olive oils for $2.99

    - Not sure the size but Crisco EVOO $3.99 ... haven't tried ... it just sounds to wrong for Crisco and olive oil to be paired.

    - Tia Maria's Chorizo - 99 cents (5oz ). Made by Silva sausage. I have a pretty good idea of what makes good Mexican chorizo and this was really good. A more solid texture than most, almost like a frankfurter, but nice heat and a little vinegar. Nothing unantural in it ... or weird parts like salivary glands ... pork, garlic, vinegar, spices.

    1. Is this in Oaktown or Berkeley?

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      1. re: baron45

        Haven't been to the Oakland Grocery Outlet in a few weeks. It's been a few months since I've been to Berkeley.

        I was at the Petualuma branch today.

        1. re: rworange

          Do the branches tend to have similar stock (assembled at some warehouse and shipped out), or are they more localized? That chorizo sounds like a good deal, but I'm on foot much of the time, so Oakland it is for me.

          I bet that cranberry sauce flies off the shelves, considering what month this is.

          1. re: Marc Wallace

            The managers have the discretion on what and how much to order at each store but from what I've seen in the five stores I've visited is that 80 percent of the stock is the same. Oakland has one of the best selections and if I can't find it elsewhere I can usually find it there.

            Petaluma was the first store I saw the Ocean Spray but it was the first store I visited in Nov.

            Look for Quaker Oats (18 oz) 2 for $1 which I read was going to be appearing on the shelves.

            1. re: rworange

              Oakland, San Pablo, both San Jose stores, Marina and Salinas should all have it in now, the rest of the Bay Area stores will have it soon.

              1. re: rworange

                The Quaker Oats is on the shelf, but when we were there today at around noon, there was no price posted, so took the canisters to the register and the clerk told me .50.
                And that Godiva ice cream sure is good!

        2. In the Thanksgiving vein, the RWC store has Pepperidge Farm stuffing mix and Rain-bo brand "croutons" for stuffing. Ditto on the Ocean Spray jellied cranberry.

          They've got a new shipment of Oregon Chai and Chai Latte in the TetraPak. Also Ben and Jerry's Organic Strawberry and Dreyer's (sm. container) strawberry and mint chip.

          I picked up:
          Mariana 10 oz. bag of slivered almonds $2.49 (they also had walnuts)
          Wesson Canola oil - lg. bottle - $2.49
          Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger tea - $1.49 (they also had a lot of xmas pkg varieties)
          Oscar Meyer smoked turkey (3 pkgs bound together) - $4.99 (i think?)
          And the aforementioned Euro-style unsalted butter - $1.49 per 1/2 lb. pkg.

          By way of a report back - those Fortune Avenue chicken potstickers (still there in RWC) aren't very good - the filling has a weird sweet taste to it and the wrapper is a little on the thick side.

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          1. re: kivarita

            There are bottles of Monticello Merlot 1999 for $12.99. The sign said it sells elsewhere for $39.99

            I was just doing a quick stop to see if the Quaker Oatmeal was in and there was another sparkling wine, the name of which I forgot until I did a quick google to find out info about the merlot. It seems it might also be from Monticello and the name MONTREAUX from this link seems right. Priced somewhere in the teens, priced elsewhere for about $30.

            Anyone have any comments about whether these wines might be worth the realitivly hefty GO price?

            Anyway Quaker Oatmeal (50 cents for 18 oz) is at the San Pablo store.

            Oh yeah, that 50 cent quart of LaLa shelf stable milk tastes like about any other shelf stable milk from Horizon to Safeway. Unfortunately I don't like the taste of any shelf stable milk ... but if you don't mind it ... a deal ... no better or worse than any other.

            My concern was that it would be quick oats which I don't buy. Nope it is regualar Quaker Oats. The catch here is that the packaging is in Spanish ... though hecho en U.S.A para Ventas Internacionales Exclusivamente. Maybe Quaker ain't selling so much in Mexico.

            I tried it. It tastes as good as any Quaker Oats and a lot better than the Target Oatmeal I bought recently. Major deal as far as I'm concerned.

            Not quite sure about the expiration date ... if it is past or not. The date says "Consumir antes de ENE 07 09"

            I'm not sure if that means Jan 07, 2009 or Jan 09, 2007. I can't remember if in Mexico the year or month comes first. Anyway, tastes fresh to me.

            Also there are cool recipes in Spanish on the container like oatmeal and fruit muffins, tortinas de avena (oats), and caldillo 3 quesos y avena ... yeah ... that cheese is going to cancel out the "recemendado por la Sociedad Mexicano de Cardiolagia"

            Lots of pies for thanksgiving. Marie Calendar's frozen pumpkin pie is $3.99. Mrs. Smiths was $2.99, IIRC. At San Pablo the price of the Ocean Spray cranberry sauce is 2 for $1.

            I don't particularily like Rose or Almaden but for those who do Almaden Mountain Rose is $1.99 for 1.5 liters.

            IMO skip the Lorikeet extra dry sparkling wine from Australia ($2.99). Taste-wise it is pretty good, but it has lost most of its bubbles. Sort of like a bottle of sparkling wine that has sat out a few hours without a cork.

            And (blush) the sparkling wine flavored with cranberry ... no.

            Sorry kivarita. I wasn't responding to anything in your post, just accidently clicked on the wrong link.

          2. Noticed turkey frying rigs at the local GO, sorry, didn't check the price or details.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              They just got marked down from $39.99 to $29.99

            2. I didn't see the cranberry sauce at Oakland today -- but then, Sunday evening is usually pretty picked over.

              They still had plenty of the Olave olive oil -- I bought some, and it is indeed very grassy.

              They had Godiva ice cream for 99 cents a pint in two flavors: dark chocolate with mint swirls and Cappucchino. Also Haagen Daze dulce de leche and coconut sorbet for $1.49 a pint.