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Nov 2, 2007 09:56 PM

Oliveto Must-haves

Yes, I know that their menu changes but some stuff is on there for months at a time. I've never been before and am wondering if there is anything I must try there.

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  1. I miss that place already, too far out of the way sadly.

    Don't miss their in house cured salumi. The finest swine prep ever (better than A16s before the star chef left).

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    1. re: K K

      I was deeply disappointed in the salumi the two times I've tried it, haven't been willing to try again (I remember it being cold, the flavors dull, the textures waxy, the fat a little oxidized-tasting.). I'd much rather have the salumi at Incanto.

      I'm usually happy with whatever pasta with long-cooked meat sauce is on the menu that day.

    2. Anything with liver and dessert...'nuff said.

      1. I always enjoy the filled pastas (still dream of a chestnut filled one New Year's Eve a couple of years back), trotters, and tripe.