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Dinner at _______ and Dirty Dancing....please fill in this blank!


My mom and I have a big night out pre-Christmas (and post exams for me!!)....where to go for dinner?

Unjustly expensive and snobby places are not our style....hence my trepidation and taking any chances in the theatre district.

Can anyone suggest either a hidden gem in and around that area of town (besides Le Papillion) or somewhere within walking/short cab/subway distance away?


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  1. Hi there! Sounds like a great mom/daughter night out! Can you tell us which theatre DD is playing at? Given your Le Papillon (ick) mention, I'm guessing the Hummingbird/Sony Centre, or whatever it's being called these days. But you mention the theatre district, which would mean Royal Alex or Princess of Wales... in which case, I'm not sure why Le Papillon comes up, as it's not in that vicinity.

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      My apologies!

      It is at the Royal Alexandra Theatre....I thought that was near Le Pap....opps! I haven't been to this theatre before.

    2. There have been recent-ish posts praising Toba and Le Petit Dejeuner - both a short walk east of the Canon Theatre. I haven't been to either, but both posts lit up my radar.

      Otherwise, Terroni is always great.

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        I ate at Toba a few months ago and was very disappointed - the service was very aloof and the food was bland. The wild mushroom risotto I had was practically devoid of mushroom flavor. My friend had some kind of ravioli (sorry can't remember what) that was also blah. The only memorable part was the tomato soup to start - and the bread was great.

        Much better to stick with Terroni - and slightly cheaper, too.

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          I also was disappointed with my meal at Toba...fritto misto was very oily, probably a result of deep-frying with oil that was not hot enough...

          I like George, Starfish and Romagna Mia for restos that are walkable from the Canon.

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            Ack - so I'll cross Toba off the list.

            And I'll stop making recs based on hearsay. Apologies.

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          I was wondering if the new Terroni is open at the Courthouse on Adelaide. I've been wanting to try it but haven't heard any news.

        3. Just went to see Dirty Dancing on Friday (you'll love it). It is playing at the Royal Alex. We went to Crush for dinner, but it was a disappointment. Mostly due to poor service from the waiter who took forever to take our order and then told us we didn't have time to have appetizers (although we only wanted soup and the salad). We waited 25+ minutes for our main courses after that and barely made it in time for curtain call. You could always go to Far Niente which is not too far away and they pay for your parking. Just a suggestion!

          1. I'm just going to bump this thread because I'm going to see the show tomorrow.

            Any suggestions? Anybody?

            1. Beer Bistro is less than a kilometre from the theatre and has some great food and a laid-back atmosphere.

              Beer Bistro
              18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

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              1. I like Urban Restaurant at King and John, very close to RA theatre. The only real restaurant amongst a sea of weak pretenders in the area. It is a bit pricier, high teens for a pasta and mid twenties for an entree but well worth it. The steaks, kobe burger, roasted chicken, chicken pasta and especially Indian salmon are all recommended and they have a good selection of apps too. Decent wine list and a small list of good homemade desserts.

                1. I was at Milagro (Mexican) on John at Mercer (one block south of King) a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Great margaritas - but don't have more than one or you'll be snoozing during the show!

                  1. The Fat Belgian. (115 John street)
                    Just did this combo on thursday night.
                    I loved The Fat Belgian, my wife loved Dirty Dancing (well i liked most of the dancers!)
                    In general stay away from the cluster of restaurants on king west of the theatres. They get a steady feed of "tourists" from the theatres and hence have no reason to even try to be adequate.
                    This and the closeness of the financial district makes it a challenge to find a decent restaurant in that area.

                    1. I know it's too late for the OP, but I'm surprised no one mentioned Tutti Matti, my favourite place by far in the entertainment district.

                      Tutti Matti
                      364 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V1R7, CA