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Nov 2, 2007 09:43 PM

Turducken at Southern Accents on Markham...any thoughts?

Hello all,

I am booked for two at Southern Accent's annual turducken fest.

Has anyone been in years past? Is it a good turducken experience for a first timer?

I would hate to have my first run at the triple threat turn out to be a bad one!


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  1. It seemed like a good idea to me last year too!
    But the reality was less exciting. My call is that the problem lies with the greasiness of the duck. Now I LOVE duck fat - but the problem is that the fat has nowhere to go and is trapped in the crevices of the turducken. So the dish becomes quite heavy and greasy.
    I speculate this is a challenge for any turducken, but I just found the dish too greasy.
    But do it once anyway!

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    1. re: estufarian

      Personally I find the very idea of turducken over the top. However, for those who don't I note that Cumbrae's now sells turducken breast for, you know, the... ahem... low fat version.