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I just moved here, and would love to have a "tapas" night with my boyfriend soon! What are your favorite tapas places in LA?

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  1. I have enjoyed the Tapas at Cobras and Matadors on Beverly. Loud, fun and good. BYOB

    Cobras and Matadors
    7615 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

    1. Tasca on 3rd and Crescent Heights...the burrata and serrano salad is a must.

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      1. burrata?
        for tapas I LIke the unfashionable La paella on San Vicente.
        Just tradtional spanish tapas. no burrata. more on the alcachofas con jamon variety of tapa.

        1. There is a new Spanish tapas place in West Hollywood that just opened called Tinto. It was pretty good. Really cool space!

          1. hungry cat!


            through december, breadbar for ludobites menu

            zu robata on wilshire in brentwood for japanese tapas

            minibar is pretty good

            ole tapas bar in sherman oaks

            haven't been yet to Vino in Tarzana

            does lou on vine count as small plates?

            1. Great topic. I love tapas. Here are some of my favorites (most already mentioned):
              1. Cobras & Matadors - 4655 Hollywood Blvd. and 7615 W. Beverly Blvd. - Spanish
              2. Minibar - 3413 W. Cahuenga Blvd.- Tapas are from various regions
              3. Tasca - 8108 W. Third Street - Spanish

              There's a lot more, but these three rank high with me.

              1. I second the Cobra & Matadors recommendation - I think they have a really good selection, in all price levels. You can also bring your own bottle of wine for a small cork fee.

                Ole in the Valley is really not all that good. I didn't find the food to be that well prepared or imaginative.

                Another offbeat tapas place is Minibar, right across from Universal Studios. It's not authentic Spanish dishes, but more "small plates" of unique dishes. One of my favorites is cheese baked with yucca flour - so delicious!

                1. There's always Yatai on Sunset if you want something a little less Spanish.

                  Tasca really is good. I can't think of anything negative about that place.

                  1. Pirmitivo wine bar in venice on abbott kinney.

                    1. Tinto is okay- I had issues with them not offering us bread or having it on the menu. Who doesn't serve bread with tapas? I hope they have since amended this practice. But the food was good- flavors probably among the best I've had in LA. I thought it was a bit overpriced. The ambience is great- dark and small.

                      I also like the Courtyard and will probably get boo'ed for that recommendation- but it's relatively inexpensive and the food is decent. It's a great place for a happy hour.