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Nov 2, 2007 07:34 PM

Valley Sushi Bar Question?

Hello my fellow foodies, today is a Sushi day, now I'm 100% educated on all the Valley Blvd. spots.

Friends have been swearing up and down on these North Hollywood/Van Nuys spots.

I'm going to try one of the two tonight, any feedback on these spots would be greatly appreciated?

-Chiba Sushi
11713 Saticoy by Lankershim


-Yagumo Sushi (former Sushi Aki)
14554 Vanowen St., Van Nuys

Thank you,


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  1. Can't speak for Yagumo (although thanx for sharing). Chiba has excellent quality sushi. "Interesting" neighborhood, but once through the doors of this sushi bar, you will have a very nice evening. Many sushi bars have customers who return again and again. Somehow at Chiba, you feel this very strongly. As a matter of fact, the first time we went there, we were told not to tell anyone else!
    Enjoy wherever you end up.

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    1. re: JeffW

      Thank you Jeff, Chiba is where I plan to go then a friend suggested these as must haves:

      -the mushroom type of miso soup in a small pot enough for one

      -Rufus Roll

      -KB3 roll

      -Crunchy Shrimp Roll

      -sashimi & other side dishes

      next week I'll have to taggle the other spot since people are swearing by that too, again these are small spots that only folks from the neighborhood know away from the blvd.



      1. re: Hypnotic23

        Hey Stuart,

        You got me hankering to go to Chiba, but soon! You mentioned some "must haves", that I've yet to try in all the times I've been there----but that's gonna change!

        1. re: JeffW

          Just returned from CHIBA and for those that dont me I'm the type that sticks to omaka at TAMA Sushi and knows good sushi. This hidden spot is my new gem, my sushi chef was named MOTO and I started out with the Mussel Soup which was to die for, my friend has the mushroom miso in a personal little tea pot. I started with the crunchy shrimp cut roll with black cavier, so so good. From there I had a cut of tuna & yellow, very fresh. Next I had some jumbo scallops flown in from Canada in a hand roll again amazing, next I had some Uni that melted in my mouth. I ended with another one of their signature dishes a Rufus roll which was lobster, crab and shrimp wrapped inside a cucumber o.k. but I'm more of the type that gets the fish on their own to enjoy each distinctive taste, I was stuffed and next time the chef said I have to try the Salmon Belly sushi with Black Cavier, my portion of the total was $50.00 including tip, great food:

          11713 Saticoy Street
          N. Hollywood, CA. 91605

          dont let the run down neighborhood scare ya, once you walk in you've left what was in the parking lot, a great experience and I will return


          1. re: Hypnotic23

            Moto was the sushi chef that took care of me last time. Nice fellow. And I agree with your take on Chiba's Uni---simply wonderful. Did the neighborhood bother you very much? For some reason it doesn't bother me, but we have a friend who won't go there at night.

            1. re: JeffW

              Hey Jeff, was waiting for you to read my dinner response, I got there at 5:30 and yes, there was no parking, I could of gone with valet yet didn't feel comfortable with that area, instead parked a block away and it didn't bother me, except for the giant bird dropping 2 hours after a fresh car wash. I cant wait to go back to this spot, its my new favorite sushi restaurant.

              What else was amazing was watching someone next to me that ordered the Spanish Mackeral, the Chef Moto grabs a fresh fish like it was just in a tank, skins it then debones it with these mini clippers, slices it into fresh slices over rice and I bet that customer was more then happy!

              Have a good night,


              1. re: Hypnotic23

                We had their Mackerel and it was great. The spine of the fish was served to us deep fried, not a speck of grease---and crunchilicious. I live in Sheman Oaks, but it seems that when it comes to quality sushi, we end up at Chiba, Sushi Iki (Tarzana), or Omino (Chatsworth). We've enjoyed Iwata in the past, but never found it exceptional. We live very close to Bizen, and their quality was good, but it was over priced. Tomorrow will be sushi night, and I'm thinking that we'll head over to Chiba.

    2. To broaden your list on Van Nuys blvd, Try House of Taka south of the 405 (across from Gelson's) Close by is the Midori AYCE in Sherman Oaks. Also, try the take and eat sushi at Farm Boy market on Riverside (in the same shopping center as Trader Joe's) best sushi from a market EVER! They also have good, inexpensive fro yo! 32 cents an ounce!

      1. Thanks for the advice on Chiba Sushi. I'll check it out...
        To give you background on my sushi opinion, my favorites are Kiriko, Asanebo (if I can afford it), and Sushi Zo.

        Here's what I said about Yagumo on a different thread about "best sushi in L.A." a while back:
        Special mention to Yagumo on Vanowen & Van Nuys Blvd. in the Valley. Cheap, fun, and surprisingly good fish. The owner/chef is Indian, but speaks fluent Japanese and has a very Japanese attitude about his restaurant. Kiriko it ain't, but even my Japanese wife has a great time there.

        1. My fave spot in the Valley is Bizen on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. I've been going there for almost 9 years. Fish is always prime. And they will never serve anything w/cream cheese. Very low key and intimate.

          1. I'm a relatively new poster to Chowhound and wanted to chime in about CHIBA. I dearly love the place and my family and I have been frequenting it since about 1988. It was a much smaller establishment at the time, run by a Japanese husband and wife. Soon their son became a sushi chef and he is still there today. We never talk "business" but it was nice to "grow" with the restaurant and its owners.

            The neighborhood is "interesting" but the quality and authenticity make loyal customers come back again and again. And for decades...and generations.

            Enjoy this treasure!