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Nov 2, 2007 07:08 PM

best apple orchards in or near Rochester, MI?

We're looking for great cider and possibly fresh-baked goodies like fritters! Thanks!

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  1. Wow this is an old thread but I hope I can still will help you find some good cider in the future. I have always liked the cider at Westview Orchards. They are on old VanDyke just South of Romeo. A little further South is Verellen Orchards. Right next to the Ford dealer on the East side of VD.
    If you take the VD (M-53) highway north of Romeo to 37 mile and turn left (West) A few miles down the road is Hy's cider mill. You will reach a curve with a dirt road that goes straight and the pavement curves right. Take the dirt road. That's about 1 mile from the HWY.
    If you drive further up Van Dyke you will run into Blakes or what's left of it.
    From Downtown Romeo if you go West at the main intersection (32 mile & old VD) you can find Millers Big Red. Stay on 32 until you pass Mound road (5 miles?). You will makes some curves by a small lake and then Millers will be on your left. This is a very popular spot and one of the better farms remaining for a true farm feel while still having enough there to make the trip. They have haunted hay rides in the fall as well.
    If you want to drive to Armada for a nice ride there are a few Orchards there as well. Blakes Big Apple is on North Ave just South of town and they have another VERY busy farm on Armada Center road. If you are looking for one off the beaten path then coon Creek Farms on Coon Creek road may fit the bill.
    Achatz pie is on North Ave just a few blocks north of the main interstion in Armada. They have awesome pie but they are not open Saturdays.

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      Hey, thank you! I will be sure to try this in the fall. :)